We support education! Help for the Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew! - Instream Group
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We support education! Help for the Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew!

At InStream Group, we believe that business success goes hand in hand with social responsibility. A few days ago, we had the great pleasure of supporting the Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew and helping students develop and acquire knowledge even better.

What was our action about?

We realize how important educational support is for students of this school. We believe that access to modern scientific tools can make a significant difference in their everyday educational process. That’s why we decided to donate the necessary laptops to the facility, which were packed by our team with great pleasure. Handmade cards with dedications to the students were also included. We also wanted the educational conditions to be as comfortable as possible, so we supplemented the school’s equipment with new chairs and tables.

Unforgettable moments while wrapping gifts

Preparing gifts was a unique experience for our team. Packing each laptop, ensuring that the equipment was properly secured, and adding handmade cards with a dedication to the students – each of these steps filled us with pride and the awareness that we were contributing to creating a better future for these young people.


New classroom – new possibilities

Not only electronic equipment was an essential element of our support. By taking care of the comfort and functionality of the educational space, we have equipped the school classrooms with new, comfortable chairs and tables. Thanks to this, students of the Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew gain not only tools for learning but also comfortable conditions for everyday learning.


Emotions that stay for a long time

The moments when we could watch the reactions of students and school staff while handing out gifts were invaluable to us. Smiles, gratitude, and the awareness that our little help can bring changes in the lives of these young people are something that will definitely stay with us for a long time. We are convinced that by investing in education and development, we create a better tomorrow for all of us.

We would like to thank Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew for the warm welcome and the opportunity to co-create this unique action. We believe that through such initiatives we can not only share what we have but also inspire others to act.

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