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Companies Database

Accurate business data

It is important that the database contains fresh, correct and complete data. We make sure to provide you with such records.

We deliver a precise list of companies

Data tailored to your needs

Reach out to companies looking for solutions like yours

We create a database based on your needs. We share our experience and help you determine the profile of your potential customer.

  • Short delivery time
  • Most accurate data
  • Complete datasets
  • Enrich your database with our data

Reach foreign markets with us

Thanks to cooperation with us, you can verify your company's sales potential in any market. We operate on every continent of the world


million companies


million records




B2B database built with precision

We use a variety of data sources which gives us the ability to target companies by criteria such as:

  • Company TIN – we are able to target decision-makers to a designated list of TIN numbers
  • Website address – we enrich the bases to the list of domains
  • Contact details
  • Form of business activity
  • Volume of turnover
  • Number of cars owned
  • Country of the company’s headquarters
  • Location – we find companies by cities, provinces, countries or districts such as 100 km from Warsaw
  • Industry – we use PKD/NAICS/NACE/CPA, our own industry names, as well as keyword searches


How to use business databases of companies?

Proper use of a company database allows you to identify potential customers and reach them with your sales or marketing message. Since we specialize in cold mailing and offer databases, we can effectively help you reach your potential customers.

We take care of the quality and updating of our databases in order to ensure the best possible results from our campaigns. We will help you establish a business relationship with companies of your choice in any sector, both in Poland and abroad. We will find the companies most likely to use your services or products.


How much does the company database cost?

Our B2B databases are tailored to a variety of business needs, with prices ranging from a few cents to several euros per record, depending on the criteria chosen. We offer advanced data that enables contact with decision-makers in various companies and simpler databases with general telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of companies.

Before making a purchase, the customer receives a free sample of the database for verification, paying only for the selected records. Order realization usually takes 1 to 3 business days, and the deliverability of e-mail addresses and phone numbers is approximately 95%. Our company databases are an effective tool for developing business contacts and expanding the scope of activities.

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