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Lead Generation

Acquiring B2B customers is our passion!

Linkedin Social Selling

We build relationships on Linkedin as part of the sales process. Our service allows to professionally acquire new customers and increase the recognition of your personal and corporate brand.

  • new sales channel
  • personal & company branding
  • marketing and sales activities
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Cold Mail campaign

We support the sales process of our clients by personalized Cold Email campaigns. We help to establish relationships with potential clients by short and direct messages tailored to the target.

  • wide receiving group
  • the ability to contact selected companies
  • allows to obtain the scale of operations
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How will we generate leads for your company?

Our campaigns enable effective sales support. We offer high personalization of the recipient group and messages addressed to potential customers. Many years of experience and a professional approach to the work performed result in the high quality of our services. We treat customers as business partners, so when planning a B2B lead generation campaign, we discuss the available combinations step by step that will effectively support the sales process.

  • 01

    Needs analysis

    In cold mailing, we will conduct a thorough target analysis and jointly develop a behavioral profile of a potential client.

    When using the Linkedin Social Selling service, we will start by determining the scope of activities as part of the project. We will define the work schedule for the next 3 months. We will also get to know the ideal customer group.

  • 02

    Guaranteed success

    Together with the client, we will define the determinants of the project's effectiveness. In cold mailing campaign, it will be a guarantee of obtaining Hot Leads. In the social selling service, we will define measurable and non-measurable KPIs related to the scope of work.

  • 03

    Start of work

    If you have decided on a cold e-mail campaign, we will start the workflow with the preparation of an up-to-date contact database based on Big Data tools and a previously prepared analysis of a potential customer. Based on the customer's behavioral analysis, we will prepare unique and effective message content that allows you to achieve the intended goals. When all elements will be properly develop, we will carry out automated shipment to a previously developed target. The entire process will be carried out 100% in accordance with the GDPR.

    Using the Linkedin Social Selling service, we will start with the preparation of the environment and work on the personal and company profile. We will develop a strategy. Depending on the choice of the scope of the service, we will carry out communication, marketing and sales activities according to the schedule.

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    During our cooperation, we will be in constant contact. As standard, you will receive a monthly report and an analysis of the results of the work performed.


Your success is our goal

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Human Insight

Our activities largely assume understanding the client's needs and concerns. By asking the right questions, we learn about the most important aspects of the client's business. This allows us to conduct lead generation campaigns precisely, individually and effectively. Throughout the duration of the project, our team watches over the quality of the services provided. We are distinguished by proprietary technology and the direct support of a consultant.

Technical assistance

Regardless of the method of customer acquisition chosen, we support the process at every step. We provide tips on the specification of settings, make all necessary configurations, and above all, we remain available and ready to answer questions.


We acquire high quality B2B leads using Cold Mail and Linkedin Automation. For each project, we use personalization in accordance with the characteristics of the contractor's industry. We create foundations for building relationships with potential clients and verify the readiness of leads to become clients. We communicate in accordance with our own, proven schemes.


Legal compliance issues are very important to us. That is why our company has a legal department which takes care of these aspects at every step of the lead generation process. That is why all our activities are 100% compliant with the GDPR. We guarantee not only effectiveness, but also security. We also provide support in the event that any questions about legal issues from potential clients arise during the campaign.


Trusted by over 1 000 companies worldwide

InStream Group turned out to be a competent partner in building business relations and expanding our sales operations. Their work is precise and guarantees high quality leads generation.

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Get to know answers to frequently asked questions

We build the base for the Cold Email campaign based on sources available on the Internet, but also on our proprietary solutions and our partners. What distinguishes us from other companies in the industry is that each record is prepared semi-automatically, which means that there is always a person who finally verifies the accuracy of the entered data.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do the test. A well-prepared campaign requires thorough target analysis and understanding of the product or service you offer. Based on this data, the copywriter prepares content and the team from the implementation of databases looks for the right companies and decision-makers. In addition, we verify the configuration of the box and its deliverability. The need to perform these activities means that shipping to a small number of companies is almost as time-consuming as it is several hundred. However, in the case of the Social Selling campaign, it is a long-term strategy that can be resigned at any time.

We operate in every country and we know the specificity of individual markets very well. Depending on the country, the copywriter adjusts the form of communication in such a way that the submitted cooperation offer is best received. We run campaigns to companies from Poland, Europe but also the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Latin America.

In the case of a cold e-mail campaign, it is possible to establish cooperation with us in the CPL model with a fixed fee. In this case, we arrange a certain amount in advance for the preparation of materials for the campaign, while at the end we settle for the effects of the campaign in the form of hot leads.

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