Christmas Action for Children and Youth from Pleszew - Instream Group
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Christmas Action for Children and Youth from Pleszew

At InStream Group, we are convinced that the role of our company goes beyond business aspects. We also focus on social involvement and helping those in need. Therefore, this year’s Christmas, we decided to share the joy of this special period with the local community in Pleszew. Our goal was to support children and youth from the Salezjańska Placówka Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny im. Świętej Rodziny oraz Zespół Placówek Specjalnych, trying to give them a moment of magic and smiles.

Here’s how we implemented our initiative.


Christmas Action for Children and Youth from Pleszew

Our action consisted of preparing Christmas packages for both institutions.

The packages for the Salezjańska Placówka Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny included sweets – something that always brings a bit of joy and pleasure during the holidays. Additionally, we have included tickets to the Suntago water park in each package so that children can experience an unforgettable adventure that we hope they will always remember fondly. 🙂

In turn, for the Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew, in addition to sweets, we also provided sound equipment that will help improve the conditions for everyday learning and integration.

Photo: Salezjańska Placówka Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny. im. Św. Rodziny in Pleszew
Photo: Zespół Placówek Specjalnych in Pleszew

All this happened at our Company Christmas Eve

The charity event was one of the most important moments of our company Christmas Eve, which we will certainly remember for a long time. For us, such initiatives are always unique and inspire us to act with even greater enthusiasm. That’s why our Christmas Eve began with wrapping gifts together and creating Christmas cards that were sent to the children.

After completing the charity event, it was time for the next stages of our meeting. Together we decorated gingerbread cookies, which were then hung on our Christmas tree, and then we went to the Christmas market in Poznań, where we could feel the real atmosphere of Christmas and admire the panorama of the city from the ferris wheel. We ended the evening with a shared dinner, where we could enjoy delicious food, talk, and dance to the accompaniment of a talented music band.

That day was full of joyful moments and a common sense of mission, which helped us integrate even more as a team.


InStream Group is not just a company – we are part of a community and we want to make the world a better place. Our charity event is our small contribution to creating the magic of Christmas. We would like to thank all employees who got involved in this initiative. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of success and goodness!

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