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Invest in your sales

Sales workshops and consulting


We work with startups, Polish manufacturers and global corporations from the Fortune 500

Our workshops are practical, based on knowledge and years of experience


We conduct audits and design sales processes

We will thoroughly analyse the conditions at your company and then design the most effective solutions

  • Sales process and culture analysis
  • Sales team competences analysis
  • Development of sales process, guidelines and KPI
  • Development of sales communication, designing work environment, including CRM implementation
  • Reporting, creating a development plan for the sales team


We conduct workshops on lead generation and B2B sales

As a market leader in sales services we organize sales workshops full of valuable and practical knowledge. They are dedicated to C-level executives/managerial staff and sales teams.

  • B2B lead generation through Cold Email
  • Lead generation through Social Selling
  • Developing sales process and communication
  • Managing sales and sales culture
  • Hi-tech sales tools


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