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Sales support
and B2B customer acquisition


Tailor-made sales services

We provide innovative products and services based on new technologies and years of experience

What counts is the effect

Regardless of the solution you choose, we will do everything to acquire new B2B customers for your company.


Hot leads and new sales channels

We acquire new contacts, subjecting them to verification. As a result, we bring you closer to potential customers who confirmed their interest in your product or service.


Sales support and arranging meetings

We offer solutions that will strengthen the sales team in your company. Using knowledge and experience in successfully building relationships, we will identify potential customers and even arrange meetings with them for you.


Optimization of sales processes

We support the increase in your company’s sales. During consultations, we conduct a thorough analysis of current activities, finding opportunities to increase achieved results.


Sales management and modern CRM tool

We have a modern sales management system that allows you to monitor and analyze commercial communication. Take full advantage of the potential of established business relationships.

Our activities in the sales process

We design our customer acquisition and sales support services with the entire process in mind. As part of the lead generation service, we reach the target group, establish a relationship and verify purchase readiness. As part of sales services and consulting, we offer support throughout the entire sales process. We also have a proven CRM tool that streamlines and allows you to optimize the entire process.


When should you work with us?

There’s no time better than now. We support local manufacturers, startups and global corporations from the Fortune 500

Numbers about us

clients supported
completed projects
markets worldwide

What makes us stand out


Over the years, we have developed effective customer acquisition patterns appropriate to specific sectors. We successfully operate in near all industries, reaching B2B customers from every country. Our activities are always focused on success. We consider returning customers as the largest driving force of our activities to implement even the eighth joint campaign.


We acquire high quality B2B leads using Cold Mail and Linkedin Social Selling. For each project, we use personalization of activities in accordance with the characteristics of the contractor's industry. We create foundations for building relationships with potential clients and verify the readiness of leads to become clients. We communicate in accordance with our own, proven schemes.


Thanks to experience, we select the best solution to meet the client's needs, regardless of the specifics of the activities carried out. We help both in defining the target group and ways of reaching it. For each project, we provide the Project Manager who cares about the effectiveness of the campaign. We regularly inform about the effects of campaigns and indicate leads ready for the next steps as part of the sales process.

Invest in your sales team

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