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How to attract customers in the Finance Industry?

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Finance Industry

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people in managerial positions that you can reach in the finance industry

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The Finance Industry

Every day, we acquire B2B customers for the financial industry by supporting entities dealing with consulting services. Usually, they want to reach the Operational and Finance Directors and CEOs of companies. Often, projects in this sector are prepared by verifying companies in terms of their turnover or number of employees, which has a key impact on the quality of the potential customer base.

The implemented Cold Email and Linkedin Social Selling campaigns in this sector focused mainly on:
– online payment service, payment gateways, cryptocurrencies,
– accounting services, financial advisory support,
– tax optimization, settlement of EU funds,
– obtaining EU funds for investments,
– encouraging investing in stock exchanges,
– support in reaching investment funds.


Acquire Leads in the Finance Industry

We are always focused on properly designing a campaign for our clients. Thanks to the use of cold mailing, we can contact potential clients working in a specific business, whose business profile may require appropriate financial and consulting support. For example, an enterprise as part of its product or service may need assistance in optimizing or cost accounting. When we prepare Cold Email campaigns, we focus on the specific customer needs associated with the project. It can be for example reaching owners working in the automotive sector operating in a specific country or region, employing up to 50 employees. Due to the specific nature of consumer activity, we can refine the criteria to get even better results. Such actions implemented through the Cold Email campaign require building a business relationship based on trust.

  • Every day we support companies in the sales process.
  • We create target groups tailored to the client's needs.
  • We base our relationships with clients on trust.


Meet our clients from the Finance Industry

Meet all the clients

We implemented Cold Email campaign for Dotpay to acquire B2B customers. The target group was decision-makers on the positions of: CEO, CFO and E-commerce Manager, E-commerce Sales Director, On-line Shop Manager. The project gained a lot of responses and was successful. 

See the details of Dotpay’s case study

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