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How to acquire customers for the lighting industry?

Learn how to effectively acquire customers for the lighting industry

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The Lighting Industry: What is Worth Knowing?

The lighting sector has been present on the market for many years. It is characterized by product and application diversity as well as a stable customer market.As a result, the target group for the lighting sector can be more or less diverse, depending on how wide the product range is. There are three main segments: general lighting, backlighting and automotive lighting. Companies offering lighting solutions range from multinationals to SMEs and small family businesses.

The B2B market is significantly influenced by innovations in the lighting industry. Trends include, for example, Smart Lighting, HCL and LiFi. Therefore, more and more lighting manufacturers and distributors are considering investing in technological innovations, seeing the potential in B2B sales. The fastest growing segment, namely LEDs, constitute an equally important solution in the lighting market.

Why is LED lighting so popular? There are several reasons:

– it is in line with the ubiquitous trend towards energy efficiency,
– the effectiveness of LED luminaires is increasing, thanks to technological development,
– it allows cost optimization (despite the initial investment),
– prices are falling due to increased competition and general availability of LED solutions,
– it has additional functional advantages, e.g. the possibility of personalisation and central control.

Do you want to generate B2B leads in the lighting industry? The following are examples of sectors in which you can look for potential customers: architectural projects, companies looking for standard and “smart office” style solutions, industrial companies, municipalities, medical institutions, educational institutions.

New Markets

Be Effective in Acquiring B2B Leads for the Lighting Industry

Lighting companies face high competition in the market. In addition, their customers often have to spend a lot of time trying to find the right solution among a wide range of products. Customers therefore value professional help and relevant information when choosing a product. Building relationships and offering value-added services obviously constitute an additional asset. A good example of these activities is Philips, which has a strong position on the lighting market. They build their image as an expert and offer customers various forms of support.

We recommend our lead generation services to companies in the lighting industry. In B2B customer acquisition, one of the key elements of our activity is to create the content of the message sent to the recipient group. Before the message is created, the customer’s business profile is analysed and the analysis of the target group is carried out on the basis of an empathy map.

Based on the above, we can create a message that:
– is effective (high open rate, positive response rate),
– responds to the needs of potential customers,
– reinforces the client’s image as an industry expert.

In order to effectively generate leads, it is worth enriching the content with the benefits of the solution. When writing for offices or manufacturing companies, you can point out that proper lighting can increase productivity and quality of work.

Methods of Lead Capture

Our Reliable B2B Lead Generation Methods

We specialise in generating B2B leads using Cold Email campaigns and Linkedin Automation.

What are the characteristics of our campaigns?

HIGH PERSONALISATION – tailor-made recipient database developed through the analysis of the ideal customer, which allows to achieve the highest possible effectiveness.

EFFECTIVE CONTENTS – appropriately structured messages focused on the needs of the recipients in 4 different variants according to the content type (main message, follow up1, follow up2, conclusion).

AUTOMATION – combining personalisation with automation, to respond effectively and quickly to our customers’ needs.

If our B2B lead generation methods are of interest to you, please contact us. We’ll talk through your needs and objectives and come up with the best solution.

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Sollux Lighting is a modern lighting manufacturer. Therefore, it wanted to reach out and establish cooperation with online shops selling lighting or interior furnishings. The area where the company wanted to gain leads was Germany, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, and Spain. To achieve our Client’s goal, we conducted the Cold Email campaign, thanks to which we gained valuable business contacts.

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