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How to attract customers in the Banking Industry?

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Banking Industry

76 thou.

people in managerial positions that you can reach in the banking industry

138 thou.

number of companies operating in the banking industry


the number of our campaigns successfully realized in the banking industry

The Banking Industry

When acquiring B2B leads for clients from the banking sector, we usually focus on business accounts or credit offers addressed to entrepreneurs. We are also able to realize Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaigns in the field of sole proprietorship (e.g. doctors, lawyers). Reaching newly established companies and corporate clients will not be a problem either. Many of our projects realized for the banking industry also concerned the acquisition of B2B clients in the field of factoring services for companies. These types of Cold Email campaigns are based on creating a database of enterprises with a business profile characterized by long payment periods. This allows us to reach companies that, in response to the factoring message, often agree with the offer.


Acquire Leads in the Banking Industry

We create Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns using the latest technologies and tools. This enables us to reach the right decision-makers and acquire B2B clients from various environments. Thanks to this, we are also able to determine the potential of a specific sector in generating B2B leads. In the banking industry, we can reach up to 138,000 enterprises and 76,000 people at C-Level positions. By choosing to cooperate with us, you are opening up to new markets, reaching your potential customers directly with a personalized message.

  • While implementing Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaigns for your company, we will match the right solutions to get the best results.
  • Our team of Lead Developers will personally take care of the quality of the created base, taking into account every aspect of the target.
  • We are successful together. You can see the stories of success in the Clients tab.


Meet our clients from the Banking Industry

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In order to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, mBank organized the action “Corporate bill for 2 hearts”. For this purpose, our company prepared a Cold Email campaign, whose range is supposed to include CEO, COO, CFO and Chief Accountants operating in selected industries. We’ve developed a professional message that encourages to join to the event. The goal of the project has been achieved.

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