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How to generate B2B leads in Switzerland?

For nearly 150 years, Switzerland has ranked among the world’s most economically developed countries. It is also one of the most prosperous markets, which constantly adapts to changing conditions. It owes its success, among other things, to a very high degree of economic freedom and low taxes. Openness to international trade is certainly an asset. The large and receptive market is an opportunity for cooperation and therefore also for the generation of leads, but the difficulty is the strong competition. InStream Group helps to reach a precisely defined group of customers from the B2B segment by offering full personalisation of campaigns.

The Swiss business culture is one of order and planning. People in Switzerland are demanding  coworkers and customers. They pay attention to punctuality in their work – it’s good manners to arrive 5 minutes before the appointed time, unfortunately being even a minute late is perceived as a faux-pas and a lack of respect for the customer. The Swiss love business meetings – unlike in our culture, they are very frequent and short. They usually don’t make any decisions during the first conversation. They need two or three more meetings to make a decision. This is called the agreement process”, and they don’t like to rush through it. They want to consult and think things through. It takes much longer to gain trust, but guarantees high loyalty.


Lead generation strategy

Switzerland has as many as 4 official languages, although German and French are the most popular. It is important to match the language to the region where your potential customers are. Language is a key factor in generating leads – it indicates a desire for long-term, professional cooperation.

  • We create content that responds to your recipients’ needs
  • We adapt the campaign to the country’s business culture.
  • We update you on the campaign’s progress


Lead generation strategy in Switzerland

Swiss companies are among the best developed in the world. Establishing permanent cooperation in a new market will certainly help in the development of our company.  However, that is not possible without perfect knowledge of the market and a personalised offer to the recipient. Our lead generation campaign always starts with a thorough analysis of the company profile, target as well as customer expectations. Then we analyse the market and demonstrate the expected results. These actions enable us to achieve a campaign that runs like a Swiss watch. Thanks to our knowledge of a difficult market that is also open to novelties, we are able to respond to clients’ needs. We will personalize messages so that the recipient feels trust and willingness to discuss further cooperation.



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SmartWays is a staffing recruitment services company in EMEA markets. It carries out the entire recruitment process and helps to find employees with specific niche skills. The aim of the Cold Mailing campaign was to reach a predefined target group composed of decision makers related to hiring employees. We took into account the needs of our client and conducted our activities in pre-selected industries. As a result, we acquired valuable B2B leads that helped the company grow.

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