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Acquire Leads in the HR Industry

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the HR Industry

48 thous.

people in managerial positions that you can reach in the HR industry

301 thous.

companies operating in the HR industry


campaigns successfully realized in the HR industry

The Human Resources Industry

We support the HR industry by generating valuable B2B leads. We work with the largest recruitment agencies in the country and temporary work offices, for which we reach enterprises located in Poland and Europe. For recruitment companies, we are looking for plants that currently recruit through job portals or those that deal with specific production. We also realize Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns for companies offering IT outsourcing services. In this case, the receiving group is often businesses that willingly use external programming resources.


Acquire Leads in the Human Resources Industry

We acquire valuable business contacts in the HR sector. We define the purpose of the Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaign and, by tailoring the receiving group to the client’s needs, we build a database of potential contacts. In the HR industry, we are able to reach over 301,000 companies! Thanks to the right tools and technologies we will realize your project at the highest level, and our team of Project Managers will coordinate campaigns and provide you with information on the course of the project.

  • We will provide your company with valuable business contacts in the HR sector.
  • The Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaigns are the ways of obtaining new clients, which achieve success because of focusing on customer needs.
  • We have the knowledge and experience that have brought success to over 500 clients.


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We supported CPC Group in reaching the receiving group by implementing Cold Email campaign. Every day, our client deals with cross-border employee delegation and international recruitment in specific industries. Therefore, while we were creating the profile of the target group, we have adjusted the criteria and prepared professional messages referring to the profile of our client’s business. The project was successful and was followed by many others implemented for the CPC Group.

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