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How to attract customers in the Automotive Industry?

Find out how to successfully attract customers in the Automotive Industry

117 thous.

people with management jobs in the automotive industry that you can reach

432 thous.

companies operating in the automotive industry


campaigns in the automotive industry

The Automotive Industry

Acquiring B2B customers for the automotive market may include trading car fleets for companies, as well as helping them to attract new customers for their leasing services or trading automotive parts. In each case, it is important that their lead generation process takes into account the precise definition of the profile of companies, that are compatible with the recipient group. We also offer support in acquiring customers for car dealers. In this case, one of the effective practices is to focus marketing activities within reach of the dealer’s showrooms. Depending on the kind of needs that a specific client has, we reach industry representatives holding specific positions. Directing the offer straight to the person that might be interested in receiving it, we significantly shorten the process and increase its effectiveness.



Acquire Leads in the Automotive Industry

While generating leads, we use Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns. Using those methods, we start with a thorough diagnosis of the needs of the client and the receiving group. As a result, we can reach even 432,000 companies in the automotive industry. Depending on the specific campaign determinants, we can for example distinguish just those companies that have a large car fleet. As part of our activities, we are also able to address marketing messages directly to fleet managers. 

  • Exact description of the recipient group and its needs allow us to achieve better results.
  • We are able to implement comprehensive campaigns directed to precisely selected recipient groups.
  • Targeting customers in automotive industry we perceived that taking their location into consideration highly increases effectiveness.


Meet our clients from the Automotive Industry

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The only authorized Audi dealer in Toruń set a clear goal for our campaign. Our mission was to reach companies interested in car-leasing and rental. While preparing for the campaign’s launch we determined the right recipient as the representatives of companies from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship that are not car dealerships or commission shops. Based on the created contact list for decision-makers, we managed to reach people interested in our client’s offer. 

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