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Customer profile

Audi Centrum Toruń is a car dealer offering the sale of Audi cars and original Audi parts and providing professional service. The facility was built according to the new architectural concept of Audi Terminal, which is to emphasize innovation, modernity and progressiveness, while the interior was designed with the comfort of the customer in mind. Audi Centrum Toruń, offers full after-sales service and even a 7-year warranty.


The aim of the campaign was to reach a specific group of recipients: farmers, lawyers, doctors, bailiffs, architects, diplomats, judges, veterinarians, surveyors, construction companies (building inspectors) and advertising agencies. We were looking for small enterprises located in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship and in the cities of Sierpc, Gostynin and Kutno. The owners were the persons from whom we wanted to address the communication. 

Our solution

We created a cold mailing campaign in which we interviewed the client about the business and the project objectives. After receiving the information, we got to know the market, so we could create segments and start generating a database of contacts. We also created a message tailored to the idea of the project and the group of recipients. 


We helped our client to reach a specially selected group of recipients, thus contributing to the achievement of valuable business contacts. 

Audi Centrum Toruń has been cooperating with us for a long time and we are in the process of implementing the next campaign.






Fleet Keeper, President, Member of the Board