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Generating leads in Great Britain

Learn how to effectively attract customers in Great Britain

960 thous.

people with management jobs that you can reach in Great Britain

4 mln

companies operating in Great Britain


successful campaigns in Great Britain

Specific of generating B2B leads in the Great Britian

The market in Great Britain is characterized by great openness towards cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs. British companies are highly developed and growing enterprises offering IT services, new technologies and innovations to improve the business environment. It comes with no surprise then that we have already carried out numerous projects aimed at winning customers for software houses or business products. Our assistance in generating leads is also willingly used by companies specializing in recruitment, with particular emphasis on IT industry specialists. Through lead generation campaigns, we also bring together companies operating in different markets and interested in hiring temporary employees.

The main goods exported to the UK are mechanical and electrical machinery, equipment, parts, vehicles, planes, ships as well as other means of transport and food products.


Acquire leads in Great Britain

As a leader in the lead generation market, companies often use our services to attract customers in Great Britain. This is due, among other things, to the country’s worldwide importance and ease of communication. This makes our challenge difficult, but grateful. Nevertheless, we can overcome the difficulties and make good use of the large and absorptive market. Starting in this area, it is amazingly easy to have local partners or customers who would be happy to recommend your product or service. When implementing sales campaigns, it is worth remembering that some areas of Great Britain have a different dialect. Without knowing the differences, you may run into a language barrier that will make cooperation difficult or impossible.

  • We create personalized Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns.
  • We take into account market-specific legal requirements.
  • We make sure that the content we send in messages is personalized.


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Quartsoft specializes in creating online stores based on Magento. Considering the nature of our client’s business, we have created a profile of an ideal target of Quartsoft offer by selecting appropriate positions, industries, and countries. As a result of the clarification of needs, a campaign was created to obtain B2B leads in two areas: Poland and Great Britain. The content was prepared in both Polish and English, taking into account the specifics of both markets. The campaign received a high rate of positive responses, and thus our client gained valuable business contacts.

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