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Generating leads in the legal services market

Acquire B2B clients as a law firm

Find out how to effectively attract clients for law firms

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Generating leads in the legal services market

Nowadays, it can be a difficult task to gain leads in the legal market because of the ever-increasing competition in the form of legal advisers, advocates, or alternative legal service providers. Over the last 20 years, the number of the first two mentioned professionals has increased from 21 100 to 53 800. This is therefore a significant change. Moreover, new technologies and systems used to support the provision of legal services are also emerging. This is the future of the legal services. The market shows potential for further development of law firms, also due to the large number of legislative changes and thus a growing demand for legal services.

As InStream Group, we help law firms to gain B2B leads by means of innovative technologies, thus offering our clients to gain competitive advantage.

New Markets

How to acquire clients for a law firm?

One of the most important aspects of customer acquisition is to pay attention to the needs of customers. Usually, a business client interested in legal services expects speed, efficiency, reliability, business professionalism and specific recommendations. Of course, when acquiring leads, the target group must also meet certain criteria which will allow them to reach appropriate recipients: those with the highest potential of interest in the offer.

It is also worth noting the growing value of the lawyer’s image on the Internet. It has a significant impact on the choice of a potential client.

Innovative ways of promotion which provide competitive edge to various entities can also help to generate leads in the market for legal services.

  • Lead generation campaigns will provide you with innovative ways of promotion.
  • Messages created on the basis of company profile analysis enable you to communicate with your audience as an expert.
  • Campaigns are personalised to the specific business culture of your country.

Lead generation method

2 methods to attract clients as a law firm

We carry out client acquisition for law firms by means of Cold Email or Linkedin Automation campaigns.

Business relationships we create are based on trust, professionalism, and an individual approach. We also conduct and prepare a personalized survey, which reflects the needs of our client and help us reach the campaign target group. As a result, the process of acquiring leads is fast and, most importantly, brings results in the form of valuable business contacts.


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The campaign carried out for Chałas i Wspólnicy law firm was aimed at attracting B2B clients operating in particular sectors. On the basis of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD), we selected specific types of activities and profiled an ideal recipient according to criteria such as company size, decision-makers, location. At further stages, we prepared and sent messages relating to potential needs of the target group, in this case, concerning the intellectual property law. The campaign was successful.

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