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Generating leads in the real estate market

Get B2B customers as a real estate agency

Learn how to effectively attract clients for real estate agencies

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Real estate market and lead generation

After more than 1 000 fruitful collaborations, we can confidently say that knowing both the strengths and weaknesses of a given sector allows us to effectively gain valuable leads without wasting time on ineffective actions.

So what is it worth knowing about acquiring clients on the real estate market?

This market is distinguished by its size and resilience. It is constantly developing and expanding so, in addition to the commonly known areas, i.e. rent, lease, or sale, for several years we have been able to notice new services designed to meet the needs of various clients. These include aparthotels, co-living, or eco and smart buildings. Most often, the innovations tend to be implemented in the area of lighting, heating, and safety, which we can also see in our lead generation campaigns. This applies to residential buildings as well as offices, hotels, and other public spaces.

However, while acquiring leads in the real estate market, we must remember that it is not one of the easiest markets there are. It is characterised by instability and a large extent of state intervention. Moreover, it is very important to know the legislation in various areas.

New Markets

How to generate leads in the real estate market?

Due to the popularity of obtaining leads over the Internet, especially in the real estate market, quite often amongst our partners, there are real estate offices, brokers, and agents. In addition to using all the well-known platforms for this purpose, a good solution, especially for this sector, is the Linkedin Social Selling campaign which allows you to reach a specific group of people, potentially most interested in your offer. So if you divide your activities into different types of recipients (investors, businesses interested in renting co-working space, etc.), we can generate an individual target for you or create content (posts, webinars) for a specific group.

Another aspect that is important when acquiring b2b leads for real estate agencies is to respond to the needs of the recipients and to present an attractive offer. This is what we achieve thanks to our customized messages. We create them using the Empathy Map, which allows us to best prepare the content of the message in relation to the needs of the target group. To enrich the message and increase our target group’s interest, we include pictures or links to the offer. As part of the Linkedin Social Selling campaign, we can also publish posts that allow us to share and present the offer to more people, while at the same time supporting image building and brand awareness.

  • We create messages focused on Client's aims and make the content more attractive through photos and links.
  • In our campaigns we reach only those people who may actually be interested in the client's offer.
  • We operate 100% in accordance with GDPR.

Lead acquisition method

Learn our secret of acquiring customers

In the InStream Group offer you can find a lead generation service performed using two different methods: Cold Email or Linkedin Social Selling. Depending on the client’s goal and activity, we propose a solution that is most likely to achieve the highest response rates.

The secret of our actions is based on personalisation and professionalism. We approach each client individually, just as we approach each target group. The content of our messages is tailored to the needs of the target group and to the aim of our client.

If you want to learn more about the lead generation campaign process, we encourage you to contact us.

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For Lions Estate, we have conducted a Linkedin Automation campaign in order to attract persons and businesses interested in renting modern office space. Due to the specificity of the offer and the scope of the company’s activity, the campaign focused on the area of Warsaw and was addressed to the managers and owners of companies. Personalised actions allowed us to obtain satisfactory results.

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