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How to acquire customers in the Manufacturing Industry?

Learn how to effectively attract customers in the Manufacturing Industry

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The Manufacturing Industry - what do you need to know to win customers?

The manufacturing industry is an extremely important sector of business not only in Poland. It is characterized by great diversity due to the wide range of products. In our country, the companies responsible for the production of windows and doors, as well as furniture, are doing really well. A completely different segment of the market, which also operates successfully in Poland and abroad, are the companies dealing with the production of cosmetic products. Conducting lead generation activities should start from a thorough analysis of needs as trying to reach customers for a company producing trucks and semi-trailers is completely different to seeking B2B customers or partners for a yacht manufacturer. For this reason, when conducting our customer acquisition campaigns for the industrial manufacturing sector, we pay special attention to adjusting the target group of the campaign accordingly. We take into account both the specificity of the industry and the needs of the client. As InStream Group we also help manufacturing companies in a difficult venture of reaching customers all over Europe. Another factor that determines the effectiveness of customer acquisition for manufacturing companies is the personalization of messages. In our B2B lead generation campaigns, we tailor our messages to a specific region, so that we successfully reach end customers, distributors and retailers.



Acquire leads in the Manufacturing Industry

We carry out effective Cold Mail and Linkedin Automation campaigns for our customers. In terms of generating B2B leads, we largely cooperate with manufacturing companies that focus on global exports, outside the European Union. In addition, we also support manufacturers of machinery, furniture, windows and roofing systems. We also obtain leads for companies manufacturing products that require advanced production processes and are exported to foreign markets. We have successfully conducted campaigns for manufacturers of gardening and landscaping products, building materials, gates, fences and many others. We also successfully help software houses trying to reach manufacturing companies. So if you run a production plant or want to find out how to win customers of a manufacturing company, please contact us. Increase your sales with our lead generation campaigns.


  • We offer a full service for your lead generation campaign, from target analysis based on your needs to the dispatch and analysis of the progress of the campaign.
  • We operate in different sectors and languages.
  • We provide 100% security for our operations.


How do we generate B2B leads?

If you decide to cooperate with us, you can obtain the leads via two methods: Cold Mail and Linkedin Automation. These methods allow you to effectively and relatively quickly reach your target group and, above all, to obtain hot leads, i.e. people interested in your company’s offer.

The lead generation process is carried out on the basis of your needs and the specificity of your business. That is why we conduct the analysis of the client’s profile already in the initial phase of cooperation. Thus, we enable you to fully verify your contact database and be sure to reach only those people who match your target. See for yourself how effective our personalized lead generation campaigns are.


Meet our clients from the Production Industry

Meet all the clients

Evotec is a manufacturing company that creates covers for industrial robots. Our task was to support the client in reaching the companies interested in its offer. As part of the cooperation we prepared a Cold Mail campaign with the aim to obtain B2B leads. In order to guarantee the highest effectiveness, our team thoroughly analyzed Evotec’s target group and on this basis prepared a database of contacts including companies with specific PKD (Polish Classification of Activities) numbers. This allowed us to precisely reach the desired target group, achieve the set campaign results and thus successfully meet the client’s needs. As a result of the conducted activities, it was possible to effectively attract B2B customers.

See the details of Evotec’s case study

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