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Acquire customers in the Polish market

B2B lead generation in Poland

Find out how to effectively acquire customers in Poland

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Specifics of lead generation in Poland

The Polish market is characterised by a stable economy and an established macroeconomic position. Its strong points are certainly the international legal and business standards and the country’s convenient location in central Europe which makes it easy for foreign companies to attract business customers in Poland. The most important industries in Poland are: finance, transport, fuel and energy, construction and IT. We observe that the renewable energy industry, amongst others, is growing faster and faster in Poland.

For foreign companies, Poland is attractive in terms of investments for many reasons. This includes the mentality of Poles which, marked by ambition and diligence, motivation, and entrepreneurship, turn out to be perfect business partners. Equally important elements are diversification of the economy, macroeconomic stability, high quality of products and services offered, infrastructural investments, and a large internal market, and availability of the European market.

The main export partners of Poland are: Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, France, and Italy.

The main import partners of Poland are: Germany, China, Russia, Italy, and France.

New Markets

How to acquire customers in the Polish market?

There are many methods of acquiring business customers on the Polish market. InStream Group offers its clients innovative sales support services performed in a fast, professional and effective way.

Thanks to the fact that lead generation services are new to the market, our clients can not only acquire leads but also gain advantage over their competitors. Our proof of that are the returning clients for whom we have already implemented as many as 10 campaigns!

  • We generate a personalised target group based on an analysis carried out with the customer.
  • We adjust the message to the needs of the target group and our client's objectives.
  • We operate 100% in accordance with GDPR.


Start effectively acquire customers in Poland

We specialise in lead generation campaigns. We offer our clients the implementation of projects using the Cold Email method, thanks to which they can reach their recipients via e-mails. Another method is the Linkedin Social Selling which involves communication via the Linkedin platform. The services are aimed at attracting customers in the shortest possible time and in the most personalized way.


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We implemented Cold Email campaign for Dotpay to acquire B2B customers. The target group was decision-makers on the positions of: CEO, CFO and E-commerce Manager, E-commerce Sales Director, On-line Shop Manager. The project gained a lot of responses and was successful. 

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