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B2B Customer Acquisition in Estonia

B2B Lead Generation in Estonia

Discover how to effectively win customers in Estonia

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Acquire customers from Estonia

Estonia is one of the most computerised countries in the world. This constitutes a great advantage in distance transactions. Their speed in getting things done online is astonishing. Indeed, Estonia creates one of the most favourable markets for the development of startups – Skype, Bolt or Transferwise originated from there. The additional tax system, with no obligation to pay at all, the constant encouragement of the government to develop companies, makes this barely 100-year-old country an increasingly strong player in the European market. Cooperation with Estonian companies is a great development opportunity for Polish brands. Poland ranks 3rd in the ranking of the fastest-growing trade ties with Estonia. Transport machinery and equipment, industrial goods as well as chemicals and derived products are the most frequently exported products to Estonia from Poland. InStream Group conducts lead generation campaigns, providing assistance in establishing long-term cooperation.

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Make a breakthrough on the Estonian market

The population of Estonia can be compared to the combined population of Liverpool and Edinburgh, and its area to that of the combined UK regions of North West,Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midland.

Unfortunately, despite its impressive economic development, Estonia is a small country with limited absorption capacity. Therefore, excellent knowledge of the market and business culture is crucial for getting entrepreneurs there interested in your company. Keep in mind that Estonians are cautious business partners. Excessive gesticulation or enthusiasm can undermine trust. In business relations, they value clarity and a clear message. Too many marketing slogans definitely have a discouraging effect on the presented offer. Estonians are partners who, once given a word, are sure to deliver on time. However, one should avoid bringing up private life issues during pre-meeting small talks. It is much safer to choose a more universal topic, such as the weather, which in that climate can be surprising.


How to run an effective lead generation campaign in Estonia?

Firstly, you need to thoroughly analyse your business profile and create a behavioural profile of your potential customer. Examine the needs, concerns, and what drives the customers in their decision-making.

Secondly, we should consider what we, as a potential contractor, are able to offer. What value would cooperation with our company provide? How will we respond to our client’s needs?

Thirdly, we need to create a contact database in line with the previously established criteria. This is a database of potential clients with whom we will contact, presenting our offer.

Fourthly, the message must be tailored to the recipient. What does this mean in practice? We prepare content that is consistent with the business culture of a given country and the industry to which our messages are addressed. They are translated into the languages of a given corner of the world. The messages are prepared in a manner appropriate to the position to be contacted. In short, we personalise the messages.

And finally, we start sending the content to the recipients.

Remember, you do not have to run a lead generation campaign yourself. We are here to help you. We will prepare a campaign, tailoring it to your needs in order to acquire valuable contacts. Our progress is reported on an ongoing basis. Each of our clients is assigned a Project Manager who is in constant contact with them and monitors the whole campaign. Satisfied customers are of utmost importance to InStream Group.


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Proud fitness is a manufacturer of performance fitness equipment, which is used by many gyms in Europe. Professional and high quality equipment constitutes the highest value for the company. Our task was to reach companies interested in a business partnership. We targeted the lead generation campaign at facilities using fitness, weightlifting and cross-training equipment. Our B2B lead acquisition was carried out by means of a Cold Mail campaign in selected European countries.

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