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Generating B2B leads in the Software House Industry

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Software House Industry

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The Software House Industry

We support technology companies by providing them valuable sales leads. In the case of acquiring clients for software houses, the key is to find people in positions that match the client’s purpose.

Due to the fact that the IT industry requires reaching people with specific competencies and skills, the so-called “body leasing” is a popular phenomenon. Our activities are aimed at, among others establishing contact with the client’s R&D department or other activities related to the creation of technology.


Acquire Leads in the Software House Industry

As part of the campaign for generating leads for Software House, we reach companies based on individual customer needs. Due to the popularity and dynamic development of this industry, we can reach over a million companies. For this reason, by accurately determining the type of customer, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your lead generation activities. Building a base of potential clients is often created by taking into account the technology used in a specific company. At the request of our clients, we also contact companies currently recruiting for IT positions.

  • The individual approach to the receiving group is one of the guarantors of success.
  • Proper narrowing of the receiving group allows reaching companies compatible with the client's target.
  • In the case of Software Houses, we can achieve better results by directing communication to companies operating on the basis of a specific technology.


Meet our clients from the Software Houses

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Sii is a leader in IT services that helps to carry out large technological projects, tests, develops software and much more. The company has been operating on the market since 2006 and its portfolio includes clients from Poland and abroad. Our cooperation with Sii began in 2018 and continues to this day. One of the campaigns conducted was aimed at generating b2b leads to small and medium-sized technology enterprises located in Estonia. Thanks to long-term cooperation, we were able to find a solution that guaranteed success. In total, we have completed as many as 16 customer acquisition campaigns and we are still implementing projects for Sii.

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