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How to acquire customers in the Photovoltaic Industry?

Find out how to effectively reach customers in the Photovoltaic Industry

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What is the special feature of customer acquisition in the Photovoltaic Industry?

Photovoltaics is a dynamically developing industry with great potential to increase its share in the Polish and foreign markets. The growing interest in renewable energy sources makes it an ideal moment for effective acquisition of sales leads in this sector. One of the biggest advantages for the potential end customer is the care for the natural environment owing to the lack of emission of pollutants while using this technology. By creating the content of the Cold Mailing or Linkedin Automation campaigns we highlight such advantages of products and services and the benefits of using the company’s offer.

Although this industry is only just gaining its popularity in the Polish and Central European market, as InStream Group we have already had the opportunity to successfully implement 15 campaigns for the representatives of this sector. As part of our activities, we designed an individual communication scheme for each campaign, taking into account the specifics of the photovoltaic sector. Supporting our customers, we gain B2B leads both in the form of people interested in photovoltaic installations and companies looking for partners to promote these systems. If you want to acquire B2B customers in this sector, please contact us.


How to acquire leads within the Photovoltaic Industry?

Within the framework of generating B2B contacts for the photovoltaic industry, we obtain contacts to people interested in photovoltaic panels. We also establish relationships with potential partners willing to offer their customers renewable energy solutions by such tools as Cold Mail and Linkedin Automation campaigns. The key to these lead generation activities is to precisely identify and reach the target group. When it comes to our activities, we do so by preparing a selected database of contacts and their thorough verification. The verification is done both by the specialists from our company and also – for the sake of even greater effectiveness – also by our client. Thanks to a thorough and careful analysis of the target, you can be sure that the activities conducted will best meet your needs.

As InStream Group we support the acquisition of B2B leads for the photovoltaic industry, reaching out to companies that meet the needs of our customers. We cooperate, among others, with installation companies, manufacturers of modern photovoltaic systems or manufacturers of basic parts necessary to build finished installations. The key to the effective generation of leads is to conduct a thorough analysis of the customer profile. If you want to learn more about how an effective lead generation process could look like also in your company – please contact us!

  • Successful generation of B2B leads starts with a thorough understanding of the needs and profile of the client's business.
  • During a Cold Mail or Linkedin Automation campaign, our Project Managers take care of the campaign process on an ongoing basis with utmost attention to details and the aim set on satisfactory results.
  • We acquire customers in full compliance with GDPR.


What is the secret of our B2B lead generation campaigns?

We successfully generate B2B leads using Cold Mail and Linkedin Automation within the photovoltaic industry. Regardless of the method, the most important thing for us is the effect and thus customer satisfaction. That is why all campaigns focus on the most effective way to reach people interested in the solutions offered by our customers. To this end, we carry out the activities in 5 steps – target analysis, preparation of the contact database, preparation of messages, dispatch, and, last but not least – results analysis and re-dispatch.

We operate on a partnership basis, therefore we care about the highest quality of our services. We offer individually prepared solutions tailored to the needs of our partners. This will allow you to enjoy new Hot Leads, i.e. people who have confirmed interest in your solution.


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Innogy is an energy company promoting the use of renewable energy solutions. The acquisition of customers for Innogy was done using the Cold Mail campaign. After a thorough analysis of the company’s environment, we selected the target group for the lead generation campaign. Due to the filtering methods we used, the campaign met the needs of Innogy, one of Europe’s leading energy suppliers. Through personalization measures and Project Manager’s assistance, we obtained high-quality B2B leads.

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