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How to attract customers in the Marketing Industry?

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Marketing Industry

327 thous.

people in managerial positions that you can reach in the marketing industry

881 thous.

companies operating in the marketing industry


campaigns successfully realized in the marketing industry

The Marketing Industry

We acquire B2B clients for the marketing industry. As part of the Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns, we support creative agencies, marketing agencies, companies from the industry of video and animation production, PR agencies, optimizing SEO companies, and more. We help them reach the desired recipients, which we often verify through a specific industry, website or number of visits on the website. We also contact with Marketing and PR Managers working in event companies in the field of the external and internal organization of events. Our clients are also companies from the video sector, for which we reach producers of food and B2C products, offering the opportunity to support by preparing campaigns on social media and television.


Acquire Leads in the Marketing Industry

By implementing Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns in the marketing industry, we can reach over 327,000 decision-makers! We start Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns by creating a target group prepared based on selected criteria related to customers’ needs. Then we create a database of potential contacts and professional content. Messages are developed depending on the project in such a way that they address the potential problems of the recipient group and show the solution in the form of the client’s product/service, or encourage involvement in a given event. The sending of content to recipients is coordinated by our Project Managers who will also ensure to provide you with answers to all your questions.

  • We base our cooperation on the individual needs of the client.
  • We create professional messages based on the characteristics of the target group.
  • We create a group of recipients based on detailed criteria to best match it to the client's needs.


Meet our clients from the Marketing Industry

Meet all the clients

We have created a Cold Email campaign in order to acquire B2B clients for AboutAd. Activities included reaching small, medium, and large enterprises from a specific industry. Messages were sent to people working in marketing and sales positions. The project was successful and obtained valuable business contacts.

See the details of AboutAd’s case study

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