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Acquire New Customers in the Singapore Market

Generate Valuable B2B Leads in Singapore

Learn how to effectively acquire customers in Singapore

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Generate B2B leads in Singapore

When it comes to acquiring clients in Singapore, it is worth knowing that the country has a stable economy, is the best developed and richest country in Asia, ranks 11th in the list of countries with the highest GDP, and the life expectancy of its residents is at a high level. Its economy is mainly based on: trade, business and financial services, electronics and telecommunications industries, tourism, shipbuilding and transport. Its agricultural sector is practically non-existent as a share of GDP.

Knowledge of exports and imports constitutes a good complement. What goods are traded, what are the key trading partners, what cannot be imported, what laws apply to transport?

TOP 3 EXPORTS: electronic industry products, mechanical and electrical equipment, mineral fuels.

TOP 3 IMPORTS: electrical machinery and equipment, mineral fuels, machinery (including computers).

Key trading partners: China, Malaysia, Honk Kong, United States.

Ban on entry into Singapore: chewing gum, pistol/revolver shaped lighters, rhino horn and related processed, unprocessed and powdered products, prohibited telecommunication devices – receivers, scanning devices, military apparatus, voice changing devices, radio jamming devices and fireworks, sparklers.

The key, of course, is market knowledge in relation to the industry you operate in. For example, Singapore is the right place to acquire clients for the following sectors:

– Fintech – Asia is the world’s financial centre. Each year, it hosts the world’s largest trade fair, the Singapore Fintech Festival.

– Catering and dining – Singaporeans rarely eat at home, so so-called ‘food courts’ and ‘hawkers centres’ are popular.


Successful Customer Acquisition in Singapore

Knowing the culture of a business is a very important aspect in B2B customer acquisition that contributes to the effectiveness of lead generation.

Singapore is characterised by cultural diversity. So a business client may be a person of Chinese, Indian or Malay origin. It is therefore advisable to get to know your potential customers before contacting them, as each culture has its own rules that one should follow. For example, if you contact a Chinese person, it is worth knowing that they use their last name first and then their first name. Hence, the phrase would look like this “Mr (surname)”.

Customer knowledge may also be important in the context of the time zone in which the client is located. To increase the possibility of lead capture, it is worth knowing at what times it is best to contact the potential customer and at what times it is not. If our potential customer is a Muslim, remember that they say prayers at around one and four o’clock in the afternoon. On Fridays, however, Muslim employees go to a mosque for communal prayers during a long break.

Cultural diversity is also related to official languages and holidays. The languages used are Mandarin, Hindi, Malay, but also English, which is widely known and used in business. We should also remember not to contact each other on specific holidays, e.g. Vesak, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Ramadan.


Lead Generation as a Proven Method for B2B Customer Acquisition

As the InStream Group, we support sales teams and companies in their sales activities. Our services have already been delivered in over 40 markets worldwide, succeeding for over 500 clients. Our B2B lead generation offer includes Cold Email campaigns and Linkedin Automation campaigns.

If you want to effectively acquire B2B customers in Singapore or any other country, contact us.


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