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Generating leads in the Scandinavian countries

Learn how to effectively attract customers in the Scandinavian countries

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people with management jobs that you can reach in the Scandinavian countries

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companies operating in the Scandinavian countries


successful campaigns in the Scandinavian countries

The Scandinavian market as a popular target for generating B2B leads

The Scandinavian market is extremely popular among entrepreneurs. For this reason, we often conduct B2B lead sourcing campaigns in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. These countries are known for their innovative economy, highly qualified staff, and high technological level. In Scandinavia, given the widespread use of English, the ease of communication is appreciated by all entrepreneurs. This applies in equal measure to Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

However, the willingness to cooperate is not one-sided. Scandinavian companies are also willing to cooperate with foreign companies.


Acquire leads on the Scandinavian market

We have many sales leads obtained for customers from the Scandinavian market. What is worth knowing about developing lead generation campaigns in the Scandinavian countries?

The countries, overall, have a very broad policy in terms of sharing financial data of companies. As a result, we can obtain information about profits, losses, or revenues, which is publicly available and allows better targeting within Cold Email campaigns. Thanks to that, the entrepreneurs who want to generate leads can contact very precisely defined targets. Scandinavia is also distinguished by high hourly rates of employees, which makes outsourcing of specialists an extremely attractive alternative. This has a huge impact on customer acquisition campaigns. To a large extent, these projects focus on the recruitment of IT employees and specialists for software development jobs.

Manufacturers of gates, roofs, windows, and other building materials are also interested in expanding the scope of their activities to this market. Communication is conducted in English, as it is widely spoken inside and around Scandinavia.

  • We create Cold Email and LinkedIn Social Selling campaigns which allow you to gain valuable business contacts.
  • We prepare the content that take into account the needs of your company and target group.
  • We ensure the safety of the implemented activities by complying with legal requirements.


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IDEGO provides software based on languages such as Python and Django. IDEGO wanted to present its product to the audience potentially interested in a business partnership. For this purpose, we have conducted campaigns to acquire b2b leads that would meet the needs of the client using chosen search criteria. One of the filters used was the area of activity, in this case Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, and in later stages Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Finland. The generation of leads for IDEGO was conducted with Linkedin Automation method, but we also had the opportunity to implement the Cold Email method.

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