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Generate leads for video conferencing platforms

Customer acquisition as a video conference platform

Learn how to effectively acquire customers for your video conference business

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executives in medium and large companies that you can reach with your video conference platform

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medium and large companies you can reach with the video conference platform


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B2B lead generation campaign in the video conference industry

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the video conference industry has grown in popularity. Meetings, trainings, events or even lessons that used to take place live have been forced to move online. This is a great moment to attract clients looking for new solutions for remote meetings. Reaching new people can seem like a problematic thing due to the fairly large number of companies offering video conferencing services. In our lead generation campaigns, we pay attention to such important things as tailoring our messages to the needs of your potential customers. Witha narrative that addresses the pain points of companies potentially willing to use your services, we create effective campaigns and obtain contact details to people interested in working together with you for years to come.

New markets

How to reach customers in the video conference industry?

When creating a lead generation campaign, the most important thing is to target the potential customer. Only then will the campaign be effective. Therefore, when starting to acquire B2B leads, we first analyse potential customers, create their behavioural profiles, try to learn about their needs and difficulties. On the basis of a prepared target group corresponding to your needs, we create a unique database of companies and persons. Next, we prepare personalised and effective message content that will help us achieve the goal set in the campaign planning process. In the next stage, we start sending out these messages, taking into account GDPR regulations. Finally, the time comes to wrap up the campaign, analyse the results and resend the messages. When conducting campaigns for our clients, we always work in partnership, which allows us to ensure the highest quality of our services.

  • Each campaign is the responsibility of a professional Project Manager who oversees its progress,
  • We run Cold Mailing and LinkedIn Automation campaigns,
  • We prepare each campaign with due diligence, taking into account the needs of our client and the specifications of the industry and market.

Lead acquisition method

We attract clients for the video conference industry

An important element in reaching new clients who are looking for a video conference provider is reaching people at the highest levels of the organisation, in sectors where this tool is used particularly frequently. By preparing Cold Mail and LinkedIn Automation campaigns, we create personalised messages and reach decision-makers responsible for company growth. As a result, our clients receive verified contact details to persons willing to cooperate with them.

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ClickMeeting was one of our clients in the teleconferencing sector. As a platform, ClickMeeting has been on the market since 2011. The objective of the Cold Email campaign was to reach people at the highest levels of the companies that use remote connections on a daily basis. The campaign was tailored to our client’s needs and its development was overseen by our professional project manager. As a result, we obtained valuable leads for our client.

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