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How to acquire customers in the Transport Industry?

Learn how to effectively attract customers in the Transport Industry

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What do you need to know about the transport industry in order to attract customers?

The transport industry is one of the most important areas of the economy. Companies operating in this sector often extend their activities to new markets, thus reporting the need to reach new customers. Generating leads for this industry, therefore, requires speed and precision in reaching people potentially interested in transport services.

The entrepreneurs, who choose to benefit from our campaigns, value the opportunity to accurately determine their target group, and above all, whether their needs can be met by a given transport company. This is the best way to generate leads in this sector in which every company has to struggle with a lot of competition. Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the lead acquisition, we make every effort to distinguish the client company from its competitors. We achieve this through customized messages addressed to a selected audience. Do you work for a transport company? If you want to check which indicators are best for your company in generating B2B leads – contact us!


Acquire leads in the Transport Industry

Depending on the needs and nature of the client’s business, the lead acquisition campaign in the transport industry can be addressed to different target groups. This means that during the lead generation process, we individually select all criteria defining the ideal customer. It can be an area of activity, a specific country, a chosen industry, or even the position of a person with whom we aim to establish contact. We are able to apply additional filters, such as the size of the company, type of manufactured goods, and many others. When creating a lead generation campaign, we take into account the business profile of companies using external transport fleets in order to properly match the type of vehicles to the services in their offer.

As InStream Group we have the opportunity to cooperate with representatives of various companies connected with transport. We obtain B2B leads for road, sea, rail or air transport. We also support companies dealing with removals and large-scale shipping services. Due to the continuing high demand in the exporting market, companies that seek support in organizing transport in Europe are often an effective target group in this industry.

  • We obtain leads based on an analysis of the customer profile and their needs.
  • High results are, among others, the effect of individually developed messages addressed to the campaign recipients.
  • The most frequently chosen decision-makers in transport campaigns are: Operational Directors, Logistics Directors and CEOs.


How to increase the number of leads generated in the Transport Industry?

Depending on your needs and business profile, we will select the lead generation method that is best for you. At InStream Group, we focus primarily on supporting companies in acquiring new B2B customers. This means that as a result of our campaigns you will get contacts to the representatives of the companies willing to start cooperation in the transport sector.

The methods we specialize in are Cold Mailing as well as Linkedin Automation campaigns. Both are perfect ways of establishing and building business relations with representatives of logistics departments, Operations Directors and CEOs. They allow for precise target reaching and high effectiveness.


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We acquired B2B leads for Raben transport company by means of the Cold Mail campaign. The aim of our activities was to reach companies from previously selected industries and countries. An additional parameter of the receiving group was the position of a decision-maker in the company or someone responsible for the transport sector. The analysis of the client’s profile provided us with appropriate information to understand and meet the needs of Raben. As a result of the conducted lead generation activities, we received 20.5% positive responses.

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