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Customer acquisition for recruitment platforms

Learn how to effectively acquire customers for HR software

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B2B lead generation campaign for employee management system providers

Nowadays, we increasingly rely on automation and streamlining activities in our companies. We prioritise efficiency and convenience. Applications can help us do this. Even though there are many options on the market, the demand for good quality software is very high. InStream Group helps to acquire clients who are looking for new solutions for their companies in order to streamline the operations of HR departments and supervise the work of employees. We create B2B lead generation campaigns, reach out to the people at the highest levels in companies. As a result, we gain valuable contact details to persons focused on long-term cooperation. When working with our clients, the most important thing for us is partnership, because only in this way are we able to create a maximally effective campaign. Getting to know our client’s needs, adjusting the means and reaching the goal together are advantages that our clients appreciate most when working with us. We create campaigns that are 100% in line with the needs of our clients.

New markets

How to win B2B customers for software developers?

Depending on the characteristics and area of activity of the client’s platform, our campaigns are targeted at appropriately adapted recipient groups. In practice this means that for each campaign, we prepare a unique recipient base that corresponds to the campaign’s needs and its nature. To ensure the highest effect, we apply a number of criteria for building the recipient base, e.g. position held in the company, company size, area of activity or part of the world our client wants to reach with their activities. Of course, in order to make the target group as relevant as possible, we filter it with criteria such as the number of inhabitants of a city, the number of employees or the availability of particular departments within the company. This is particularly important when offering services of applications supporting and systematising the work of companies. At InStream Group, we generate B2B leads for many software applications supporting various industries, including marketing, industry, analytics and video conference. The automation and streamlining of activities in companies is a topic of growing interest, which makes the acquisition of companies looking for new solutions a great opportunity for companies providing software for HR departments.

  • We create unique target groups that meet the needs of the campaign.
  • We assign a Project Manager to each campaign.

Lead acquisition method

We attract clients for employee management system providers

Creating an effective B2B lead generation campaign is no easy task. We start by carefully building the target group. We create a behavioural profile of potential customers, analyse their needs and problems. This allows us to create a unique recipient group for our content that meets the needs of our client. At a later stage, we create messages that will distinguish our client from his competitors. This effect is possible thanks to prior knowledge of the target group and knowledge of its purchasing behaviour. Then, we carry out an automated dispatch of content to the recipient group. At the final stage, we prepare a precise summary of the campaign. Our clients receive detailed reports of the results along with a report of our activities. InStream Group conducts Cold Mailing and LinkedIn Automation campaigns. We adapt the campaign to your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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Element App is a recruitment system with which we can set up and carry out the entire recruitment process. Our B2B lead generation campaign targeted companies whose recruitment processes were not automated and were very time-consuming and labour-intensive. We prepared a cold email campaign that provided Element App with contact details of people interested in long-term cooperation. The result was a 42.1% positive response rate.

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