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How to attract customers in the Service Industry

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Service Industry

1 mln

people in managerial positions that you can reach in the service industry

4 mln

companies operating in the service industry


campaigns successfully realized in the service industry

The Service Industry

We generate B2B leads for companies providing diverse business services. Therefore, when we are building Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaigns, we carefully analyze which processes are related to customer services and how they improve companies’ operations. This is a helpful process in creating a database of potential contacts, because it allows us to carefully select the appropriate criteria (industry, size, location), so we can reach companies that should be interested in the goods offered by our customer. These activities allow for an individual approach, which is so important in the process of acquiring customers.


Acquire Leads in the Service Industry

The service industry has great potential in acquiring B2B leads due to its large capacity, which involves 4 million enterprises. Preparing campaigns based on the Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation methods, we can generate leads with an exact narrowing of the target to selected criteria. That is why, when we are conducting activities in the services sector, we are always guided by the needs of the consumer, so that the activities have the best effect.

The clients that we support most often in the discussed area are companies dealing with the recruitment of temporary employees and specialist staff, body leasing of IT resources, IT and consulting services, training and marketing services.

  • We analyze customer products / services and learn about them to better understand their clients base’s needs and tailor actions in the Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaign.
  • Using the right tools and modern technology, we acquire a specific group of recipients.
  • We prepare a database of contacts interested in the offered goods, taking into account the specificity of the client's business and the needs of recipients.


Meet our clients from the Service Industry

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DOOR organizes training courses conducted by long-term professionals. Therefore, our cooperation was based on acquiring B2B leads interested in the development and improvement of skills. We focused on the sectors of industrial processing and electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning production and supply. We supplemented the target with other criteria, for example turnover, position and area of ​​operation. The results of generating leads were satisfactory, and the acquired business contacts made it possible to increase sales in the DOOR company. It was the third, but not the last, campaign carried out for the DOOR. 

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