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How to acquire customers in the pharmaceutical sector?

Learn how to effectively acquire customers for the pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmaceutical Market - Generate Leads Effectively

Pharmaceutics represents a high degree of innovation. It is a constantly evolving industry investing in research and development. It is particularly distinguished by a number of very demanding regulations and standards that affect the complexity of production.

Due to its nature and application, the pharmaceutical market is always in demand and the demand for pharmaceutical products has been increasing over time due to the ageing population in developed countries, rising incomes and the development of health care systems.

Representatives of pharmaceutical companies can look for their potential B2B customers in the following sectors:

– specialised machinery and equipment,
– dedicated systems for the pharmaceutical industry,
– systems for production,
– CRM, DMS, BMS systems,
– medicines, supplements,
– medical accessories.

New Markets

Acquire B2B Customers in the Pharma Industry

As InStream Group, we have carried out numerous lead generation campaigns for over 500 clients, in 40 markets worldwide, including companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

What should be taken into account when acquiring B2B customers?

  1. Relevant target group. Which people/organisations need the solution offered? Which area is best to focus on? Up-to-date contact database.
  2. Communication. Ensuring that messages are understandable to the recipient, especially in the pharmaceutical segment. Focusing on customer needs and benefits. Finding common denominators.
  3. Way of reaching out to leads. For direct contact of a business nature, it is worth using the LinkedIn platform, which offers many sales support features.

If you would like to use the services of B2B lead generation specialists, we offer:

  • Cold Mailing campaigns - effective B2B lead capture
  • Linkedin Automation campaigns - professional and effective acquisition of business customers

Method of Lead Capture

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Meet our clients from the pharma industry

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One of our clients from the pharmaceutical industry is Evitum, a company that offers natural dietary supplements and diagnostic equipment. As part of our cooperation, we carried out a Cold Email campaign to reach people interested in the Client’s products. The service was personalised for Evitum’s needs, and the whole process was supervised by a dedicated Project Manager, taking care of the campaign’s effectiveness. As a result, we acquired valuable B2B leads.

Learn more about the Evitum Case Study

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