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Acquiring customers for the machinery sector

How to win customers in the machinery industry?

Find out how to effectively attract customers in the mechanical engineering industry

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Lead sourcing in the machinery industry

Due to its characteristics, the machinery industry is essential for many other areas of activity. Entities that need machinery are mainly those that manufacture products with specific equipment or companies whose specific business requires the use of machinery. Examples of such industries are mining, metallurgy, power engineering, and above all, various types of production. Such companies provide an opportunity to win customers for the machinery industry and are often chosen by our customers to make up the target group.

Improvements and innovative solutions in the field of machinery, which can be offered by the 4.0 industry, are at all times desirable. However, it is necessary to remember about the specifics of the business and the needs of the client, thanks to which it is possible to skillfully and effectively match the recipient group and create engaging messages that will respond to the recipients’ needs.

New Markets

How to acquire clients in the machinery industry?

When it comes to the machinery sector, you can find potential customers wherever specific equipment for daily work or to manufacture a particular product is needed. These are criteria for the target groups of our B2B lead generation campaigns. However, that is not as easy as it seems. In fact, we acquire customers with a variety of tools, but most importantly, with detailed customer profile analyses. This gives us the opportunity to fully profile the recipients of the campaign and effectively personalize the content of the message, all according to the information provided by our client and our own experience in skillfully engaging the recipients. We have conducted over 34 campaigns aimed at acquiring Hot Leads, i.e. people interested in a given product/service. Due to the nature of the machinery sector, messages are mainly addressed to people in the positions of Technical Directors, Maintenance Managers, Production Directors, or Presidents.

With our tailor-made projects, we have already successfully acquired customers for companies offering specific technology or software designed to support production plants, businesses manufacturing machines, and components, service companies, or manufacturers of covers for industrial equipment.

  • Each time we create a new, individual campaign tailored to meet the needs of our client.
  • We create only professional content for messages, presenting the sender as an expert offering assistance.
  • We prepare the contact database manually, thanks to which our Clients gain a higher response rate, not wasting space or time on outdated, misguided leads.

B2B lead generation methods

Our proven method for customer acquisition in the machinery sector

We generate B2B leads in the machinery sector by means of Cold Mail (e-mail messages) or LinkedIn Automation (messages sent via the LinkedIn platform). Customization is, for us, the basis of efficiency. That is why we make sure that the process is individually adjusted from the very beginning. We start with consultation and selection of the method that works best in each type of activity. In further stages, we define the target group by means of detailed analyses, which provide us with information about our client and its potential target. As a result, our messages are not spam, but professionally written inquiries offering help to a company that potentially needs it.

If you want to save time and effectively acquire new customers, we encourage you to contact us.

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Generating leads in the manufacturing industry is a real challenge. It is also the task that Noyen has approached us with. Due to the nature of the company, it was necessary to select the right target audience for Noyen’s customer acquisition campaign. We filled the database with companies whose activities were likely to require equipment offered by Noyen. We also prepared personalized messages to encourage the first contact. The communication with the target audience was handled by our Project Manager, who constantly monitoring the results of the campaign and looking for possible improvements. We have acquired many people and businesses interested in cooperation with our client, which is the best proof of the efficiency of this lead generation campaign.

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