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Generate leads for your debt collection company

Acquiring customers for your debt collection company

Learn how to effectively attract customers in the debt collection industry

8 mln

executives in medium and large enterprises that you can reach with debt collection services

170 thous.

medium and large enterprises you can reach with debt collection services


successful campaigns for debt collection companies

Acquiring new B2B customers in the debt collection industry

The debt collection industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. Every year, more and more companies are outsourcing their activities to focus on the core of their business. The increase in interest in debt collection services has also been influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, the insolvency of companies has increased by as much as 32% compared to 2019. Companies do not want to waste the time and energy of their employees on recovering debts. This difficult period is therefore a great opportunity for debt collection companies to acquire B2B clients and grow their business. InStream Group helps you reach new customers with lead generation campaigns. We create campaigns that meet your needs and provide you with verified contact details to people interested in cooperation.

New markets

How to run a lead generation campaign in the debt collection industry ?

We help debt collection companies reach out to businesses looking for theirhelp. We tailor the campaign to the needs of our clients using Cold Mailing and LinkedIn Automation. Our cooperation is based on the principle of mutual partnership in order to make the campaign as effective as possible. Our clients’ satisfaction with our services is our highest priority. We begin by researching our client’s needs, an activity which allows us to understand their expectations and the area of their business. In the next stage we create a behavioural profile of potential clients, to whom we will reach with a lead generation campaign. Then we create individualised contact databases, which we thoroughly verify. The basis for this for us is a previously conducted analysis of the needs of the company with which we cooperate. We then create contact databases, which we carefully verify. We personalise the content of messages so as to obtain the highest possible conversion rate. The automated dispatch is followed by the process of analysing the results, preparing reports and a summary of actions taken within the campaign for our Customer and forwarding valuable leads.

Lead acquisition method

We attract clients for the debt collection industry

Debt collection is a topic that stirs up a lot of emotions – uncertainty, frustration, lack of trust. When creating a B2B customer acquisition campaign, it is important to tap into the feelings and emotions of potential customers. Financial liquidity is the foundation of all business activities. Therefore, when acquiring new customers in this industry, we always:

  • build a sense of trust and stability.
  • ensure full confidentiality and professionalism in contact with clients.
  • create messages with a clear content and transparent rules of cooperation.

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Aforti Collections is a nation-wide company that carries out debt collection activities. To do so, Aforti Collections relies on the latest information technologies. We conducted a lead generation campaign using the Cold Email method in which we addressed personalised messages to those responsible for the financial management of companies. We acquired contact details of people interested in working with Aforti Collections.

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