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Acquire customers in the Czech Republic

B2B lead generation in the Czech Republic

Find out how to effectively attract customers in the Czech Republic

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Lead generation on the Czech Republic market

The Czech Republic boasts the stability of its economy, inflation, and currency. The country’s strength is its high purchasing power and low unemployment rate. Trade relations are mainly based on cooperation within the European Union, which is why the Czech Republic’s main trading partners are Germany, Slovakia, Poland, France, Great Britain, and Austria. Nevertheless, acquiring business customers in the Czech Republic is not the easiest task imaginable. It is a market with extremely strong competition and, in addition, consumers are strongly attached to domestic products. However, generating B2B leads in this area is a feasible goal. Sales potential can certainly be found here by companies operating or linked to furniture, energy, and petrochemical industries, as well as the production of road and rail vehicles, equipment for the restructuring of steelworks and mines, air conditioning, pumps, electrical equipment, and agricultural machinery.  Sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, IT, and services in the broadest sense of the term are also a good call for lead generation.

It is worth mentioning that the MEDIUM HIGH-TECH sector (e.g. the automotive industry) and tourism are one of the most important areas for the Czech Republic due to their large share of the revenue. Less profitable sectors are the light industry and agriculture.

Despite the difficulties in entering the Czech market, as a trading partner, we have implemented many lead generation campaigns, thus gaining b2b leads, which have resulted in long-term business relationships.

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What is worth knowing about establishing business relations in the Czech Republic?

Acquiring customers in the Czech Republic due to the conservative nature of the market may prove to be a difficulty on the way to success. If we only manage to establish business relations with companies in the Czech Republic, we can count on a long-term and solid relationship.

The business culture in the Czech Republic. Features that are valued in this market are order, punctuality, a standardised system, professionalism, and impeccable manner. The Czechs are guided in their actions by established principles that should not change.

The client’s language is the communication language. When acquiring customers in the Czech Republic, you must take into account language diversity. English will be useful in cooperation with corporations or large companies. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises communicate mainly in Czech. Many people also speak in Slovak or German.

Knowledge of your target group. Knowledge of your target group and the characteristics that are unique to it can significantly enhance the effectiveness of customer acquisition. In the case of the industrial sector, it is worth knowing that in the Czech Republic industrial companies are mainly located in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, and Mlada Boleslav. This awareness allows for a better concentration of their activities and, consequently, for more satisfactory results.

  • We are the market leader in lead generation. We are characterized by professionalism and experience.
  • We operate in more than 50 markets around the world, which is why write our messages in the language most suitable for every given region.
  • Our knowledge and experience allow us to reach the group with the greatest potential of showing interest in the offer of our client.


Two ways of attracting B2B customers

As InStream Group, we win B2B customers on more than 50 markets worldwide. Our services are tailored to the customer’s needs and we rely on trust. Our offer includes B2B lead generation campaigns using Cold Email or Linkedin Social Selling. By working with cutting edge tools and technologies, we have the ability to gain contacts and reach out to customers even from distant countries.

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Ailleron is a technology company offering IT outsourcing solutions and services for various industries and regions. When we started to work with Ailleron, we identified the industries and countries the company would like to focus on as part of the lead generation. The result is a personalized Cold Email campaign aimed at the Asian and European markets with country specifics. The selected industries that our client wanted to reach were financial, banking, and insurance. Target profile was supplemented with additional criteria such as position or size of the company. This was not the first, but already another successful campaign we carried out for Ailleron.

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