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Sales Concierge - a virtual salesperson


A virtual salesperson for your company

Sales Concierge services are created to support your sales activity with a remote consultant. It’s a unique service that allows you to cut your sales costs and improve lead qualification.

  • 01

    Sales process development

    We will develop the process that your sales concierge will work with.

  • 02

    Values analysis and product workshops

    We will analyze your company’s products and services and then train your sales concierge accordingly.

  • 03

    B.A.N.T. qualification and conversion

    Together we will establish what qualifies a lead.

  • 04

    Work in InStream CRM

    All of your leads, call history, notes and generated opportunities are available in InStream CRM.

  • 05

    Success fee

    We want you to succeed. That’s why we work in a success fee model, based on previously established criteria.


Your success is our goal

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Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide

Cooperation with InStream Group met all the requirements. Their team truly helps with business growth – they want to understand your needs and find out exactly what you want in order to reach the set goal together. I highly recommend working with them.

Cezary Kożon

FastWhiteCat turned out to be a competent partner in building business relations and expanding our sales operations. Their work is precise and guarantees high quality leads generation.

Hubert Paczkowski


InStream Group cut their teeth on promoting their own products through lead generation. Now that they decided to share this knowledge with others, they know perfectly well how to organize and optimize sales.

Michał Jaskólski

Business has always been based on relations, the only difference is that right now they’re mainly created online and on social media. InStream Group is one of the few companies that will help you manage them.

Piotr Mroziński


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