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Generating leads for the temporary work agency

Get B2B leads as a temporary work agency

Learn how to effectively attract customers for temporary work agencies

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How to generate B2B leads as a temporary work agency?

To effectively generate leads for the temporary work agency, it is essential to have knowledge of the sector and a well-developed and prepared target group and message content. Each sector has its nature, which is why it is so important to have a flexible approach and knowledge of the markets, so that the best solutions for a given sector can be properly matched. Basic search criteria may not be enough. That’s why we always analyze other aspects of the target customer, which if managed professionally, can help to achieve the best possible campaign results. For example, when implementing campaigns for temporary work agencies, we look for target-matching entities on recruitment websites, thanks to which we can get contacts that not only match the target profile, but which also conduct recruitment at the given moment. In such a case, we narrow down the target group and therefore reach people with the highest potential of interest.

New Markets

Our experience in generating B2B leads for temporary work agencies

Recruiting people can be a challenge for many companies. Often in such situations, companies look for support from temporary work agencies that address these problems. We are the link between both parties. We cooperate with the largest temporary work agencies in the countries, supporting them in reaching specific companies. With the help of Cold Mail or Linkedin Automation campaigns, we send professionally prepared messages to the target group, which potentially needs support in terms of continuity of employment, verification of competence and knowledge, and formalities related to this. The target consists of key criteria that together create the profile of an ideal potential customer. These can be elements such as position, industry, company size. In this way, we get the basis for further stages, which consist of creating a database of contacts and message content. Due to the characteristics of the market, namely short-term employment contracts, we can select the key industries with which the client wants to establish valuable business relationships. Most often such sectors are automotive, manufacturing, trade, logistics.

  • We often acquire leads for temporary work agencies all across Europe. Therefore, we need to prepare the message in the appropriate language for each country.
  • In the messages, we respond to the needs of the recipients by emphasizing the solution that temporary work agencies can offer.
  • For the campaigns carried out for temporary work agencies, most often the messages are addressed to HR Managers, Production Managers or, in the case of small businesses, Business owners.

Lead acquisition methods

Two ways that help you attract clients in a specific sector

In order to obtain the best business contacts for our clients, we use two methods of lead generation. The first is Cold Mailing, i.e. campaigns conducted by means of short and direct messages addressed to the recipient group. The other is Linkedin Automation, i.e. direct contact with the target group via the Linkedin portal, where personal branding activities are also possible. Both lead generation methods are effective, but a lot depends on the goals of customers and the type of their business. For temporary work agencies, we usually recommend the Cold Mailing method.

If you work in this or related areas, we encourage you to take a closer look at our services. See you later.

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Randstad is an HR company providing personal consulting and temporary work services. It offers a solution that ensures a precise calculation of employee wages. We helped Randstad to reach out to customers who could potentially be interested in its product. We did this through the Cold Email campaign. We created a profile of the target group and personalized messages. As a result, we were able to gain valuable business contacts.

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