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How to attract customers in the Logistics Industry?

Learn how to successfully attract customers in the Logistics Industry

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people in managerial positions that you can reach in the logistics industry

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successfully realized in the logistics industry

The Logistics Industry

Supporting the logistics industry in generating valuable B2B leads is our specialty. We individually fulfill the needs of our clients, hence we are able to successfully acquire leads for companies of diverse character. We help transport companies, both in Poland and abroad. We also acquire customers for companies related to storage – both in the field of warehouse services and broadly understood outsourcing of logistics services in the fulfillment model. The group of our satisfied customers also include shipping and courier companies. Our lead generation campaigns for companies implementing systems for handling logistics processes and consulting companies in the field of optimizing logistics processes were also very successful.


Acquire Leads in the Logistics Industry

In the case of acquiring customers in the logistics industry, it is crucial to precisely define the profile of the company’s business. Accurate characterization of the ideal customer enables reaching companies with the highest conversion potential. Creating databases is our specialty, regardless of what distinguishing features the target group has. We implement campaigns directed to the company with the specific classification of activities, operating in specific voivodships or regions, or employing a specific number of employees. Establishing contact with decision-makers or persons in specific positions is not a problem for us. Thanks to this, we can maximally shorten and simplify the process of reaching entities interested in our clients’ solutions.

  • We precisely identify the profile of the receiving group.
  • We reach the companies with the highest probability of conversion.
  • We operate in almost every B2B industry.


Meet our clients from the Logistics Industry

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We acquired B2B leads for Raben transport company by means of the Cold Mail campaign. The aim of our activities was to reach companies from previously selected industries and countries. An additional parameter of the receiving group was the position of a decision-maker in the company or someone responsible for the transport sector. The analysis of the client’s profile provided us with appropriate information to understand and meet the needs of Raben. As a result of the conducted lead generation activities, we received 20.5% positive responses.

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