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Acquisition of customers for an online shop

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E-commerce - lead generation potential

The world of e-commerce is, in other words, e-commerce between different entities. The 21st century is characterised by technology and a multitude of innovations. No wonder that the market for online shops is constantly developing, including in the B2B sector. More and more people and companies are shopping online, and there are already more than 1.92 billion of e-commerce businesses worldwide. On top of that, 62% of online shoppers make a purchase at least once a month.

E-commerce has many benefits, including 24/7 availability, global coverage, reduced maintenance costs, faster and easier way of launching products on the market, and dropshipping. However, there is also a lot of competition. Is there then a chance to win customers as an online shop?

Of course. There are many different methods on the market that allow us to generate leads for the company, but to stand out from the competition you must keep up with trends and use available technologies.

As InStream Group, we offer innovative sales support solutions. In addition to generating leads for online shops and their creators, we have also implemented campaigns for companies that offer a variety of tools to support the acquisition of customers on the web, such as web push notifications.

New Markets

B2B leads for E-commerce - pay attention to...

What other medium other than the Internet, along with new technologies, can be deemed to play a crucial role in acquiring leads for e-commerce? As much as 63% of shopping offers are placed in the online space. The second important element is the knowledge of the customer and adjusting the activities to their expectations and preferences. To sum up, in order to effectively gain sales leads as an online shop, it is worth thinking about innovative technological methods and customize them according to the needs of the recipients.

What is important for an e-commerce customer?

– user-friendly website,
– method and speed of delivery,
– the appropriate description of the products and availability of information.
– the time it takes for the shop to respond
– ecology.

When it comes to how to acquire E-commerce customers, we recommend lead generation campaigns to identify the ideal customer and reach them with a personalised message.

  • In order to effectively attract customers as an E-commerce business you must know what the profile of your ideal customer is.
  • Shopping process should be convenient.
  • The generation of Millennials is emerging in companies who mostly shop online and pay attention to the ecology.

Lead acquisition method

Generate sales leads effectively

We are sales partners for many companies operating in E-commerce. We have the knowledge and experience that enable us to carry out campaigns at the highest level and achieve the best results.

If you are a running company in the E-commerce industry, we recommend that you use our services, precisely because of the nature of the business and the elements that are important when acquiring customers. Lead generation is an innovative solution used by the biggest brands in the world. Our services have the advantage of thorough research, which allows us to create a model of the ideal customer. This, of course, translates into activities that, thanks to personalisation, achieve exceptional results.


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Quartsoft specializes in creating online stores based on Magento. Considering the nature of our client’s business, we have created a profile of an ideal target of Quartsoft offer by selecting appropriate positions, industries, and countries. As a result of the clarification of needs, a campaign was created to obtain B2B leads in two areas: Poland and Great Britain. The content was prepared in both Polish and English, taking into account the specifics of both markets. The campaign received a high rate of positive responses, and thus our client gained valuable business contacts.

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