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5 essential email marketing tools

The content of email marketing campaigns is addressed in all forums and blogs. We also write about the construction of cold emails ourselves. However, we cannot overlook the fact that for a cold or mass mailing campaign or newsletter to bring the expected benefits, these emails still have to be sent. This is best done in a way that minimises the time spent on mailing and maximises the amount of information that you can obtain through the process itself. Below you will find some good mailing campaign platforms which offer analytical tools, automate and archive data.


SendinBlue allows for easy and effective implementation of e-mail and SMS campaigns to current and potential customers and is also suitable for creating cold mailing campaigns. It enables building and strengthening relations with recipients through marketing campaigns, transactional messages, and marketing automation. Synchronisation of the subscriber list with SendinBlue allows for automatic management of unsubscribed contacts (automatic synchronisation), seamless creation of sleek email and SMS templates, selection of recipients thanks to a functional segmentation tool, and simple management of marketing campaigns, tracking of results and campaign optimisation, monitoring of transactional emails (order confirmation, password reset, etc.) with improved deliverability and real-time analytical tools. In the free version, it allows 300 emails to be sent daily and provides an unlimited contact database while in the LITE version there is no limit to sending. SendinBlue is used by more than 50,000 users in 140 countries.  https://www.sendinblue.com/


A comprehensive and intuitive tool to automate email marketing activities. One of the first programs available on the market. Very popular and compatible with many other tools. It is suitable for sending newsletters, cold emails, mass emails, or transactional and promotional messages. It has a drag-and-drop message editor, an option of planning a series of autoresponders, and preparing a programme that meets the interests and needs of subscribers. GetResponse has easy-to-use analytical tools that allow you to observe engagement indicators in real-time, analyse subscriber activity paths and optimise campaigns. It enables the easy creation of A/B testing with just a few clicks and provides advanced statistics on campaign progress. https://www.getresponse.com/


Polish email marketing tool, one of the first on the market. Its advantages include the possibility of advanced personalisation of e-mails, full automation of e-mails (cyclic and transactional e-mails). It enables precise targeting, database segmentation with the use of intuitive flowchart, advanced reports, and analyses to be generated in a PDF file, intuitive message creation of intelligent and responsive editors (drag & drop editor, the possibility to use ready-made email templates). Sare also features a possibility to integrate the campaign with SMS sending, surveys, and remarketing to anonymous users. The platform allows you to create extensive databases in one place. A rich library with tutorials is an excellent help for novice users. https://sare.pl/


An email marketing tool that allows you to send messages, gather statistics, and optimise your campaigns. It is perfect for people starting email marketing activities because it is clear and intuitive to use. It is available in a basic free version, which can be extended as needed. It can be integrated with other tools and applications and has many tutorial resources. Since recently, you can create and control campaigns anywhere and anytime with the use of a newly developed mobile application, Mail Chimp. You can add promotional codes, landing pages and re-promote them through Google Ads. https://mailchimp.com/

Campaign Monitor

It is easy to use, allows for full automation of the campaign, and provides analytical tools and easy access to statistics. Apart from the possibility of analysing the broader context of the campaign, it gives the possibility of obtaining information about each recipient, for example, performing behavioural analysis of an individual person. It creates autoresponders, efficiently imports data from other applications, and is not demanding in terms of file formats. Besides, with Campaign Monitor, you can easily create subscription forms. A significant advantage are aesthetic, professional, and editable message templates that allow to give the content an original look. The disadvantage is its price—it is relatively expensive, and the starter version does not have many features appearing in free versions offered by the competition. Expensive as it is, the platform does not have additional features that you would expect from it, such as a landing page wizard or more A/B testing options (only 2 are available). https://www.campaignmonitor.com/

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