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Generating leads in the U.S.

Learn how to effectively attract customers in the U.S.

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The American market - what is worth knowing to attract B2B customers

The U.S. market is interesting for many companies in terms of lead acquisition. It is here that Cold Mailing – a means of reaching the right decision-maker with a personalized message sent via email – has its origins. The advantage of the U.S. market is its size and constant growth potential. However, while reaching new B2B customers in the United States one should consider the conditions imposed by this market. The difficulty in operating in this area is different time zones, a huge competition, and a lack of openness to cooperation with Eastern companies.

When implementing activities in the U.S. market, due to its characteristics, we prefer the CPL model or LinkedIn Automation campaigns, which allow for better results. The projects that we carry out for our customers often refer to: large conferences, opening new offices, or searching for a business partner. The most popular areas for acquiring B2B leads are California, New York, and Texas. The most frequently serviced clients wishing to reach the U.S. market are companies from the IT sector, especially software houses with body leasing services, software development, and others.


How to acquire B2B leads on the U.S. market?

We know the specifics of the United States market and we know how to work effectively on it. When preparing sales campaigns, it is worth considering the time differences mentioned above and the huge competition in the country. Gaining the trust of a potential customer in the United States is quite a challenge. In this case, offering additional value may turn out to be an appropriate step. For example, we can give a potential customer an e-book, a report, or an interesting article. We can gain the attention of the recipient by sharing valuable material without requesting our potential customers to pay for it in advance. This action has a chance to be the first step to gain trust or build a relationship leading to a wider partnership in the future.

  • We create tailor-made campaigns - we take into account the specificity of the market and adapt our projects to it.
  • We create each message based on the needs and analysis of the client. We include key information that will reach a potential customer.
  • We comply with all legal requirements and guarantee safety.


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Senuto helps companies quickly and effectively improve the position in search results with a dedicated SEO application. With our Cold Email campaigns, Senuto wanted to reach a specific target group and attract interest in its products. To define the profile of an ideal customer, we chose criteria such as industry, position, size of the company, which helped with the process of contact generation. One of the criteria defining the ideal customer profile was also the area of activity: in this case, these were Silicon Valley and New York.  The project achieved a high rate of positive responses.

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