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Generating leads in United Arab Emirates

Learn how to effectively attract customers in UAE

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people with management jobs that you can reach in UAE

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Information about UAE that helps you generate B2B leads

The United Arab Emirates belongs to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The country has a strong attachment to its religion, which is closely intertwined with national and business culture.

The market of the United Arab Emirates has a strong demand for specialized workers, is open to cooperation with European companies, and the IT industry is growing rapidly. In addition, the UAE is a rich country that is a gateway to the Middle East and Africa. Despite its huge potential, the UAE is an undervalued market.


How to acquire leads on the UAE market?

Thanks to our experience gained through the implementation of more than 500 projects, including those in the United Arab Emirates, we offer our customers the opportunity to reach out to specialists operating in this country. The services we offer – Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation allow us to generate leads and thus find people willing to cooperate. The acquired contacts can be a milestone in the case of expanding your business to new markets, but also the development of the already existing business operations of your company in this country.

Our campaigns in the United Arab Emirates focused on reaching people representing such industries as: IT services, document digitalization systems, marketing services. Before starting the lead generation activities on the territory of the UAE it is necessary to plan the time of the conducted campaign accurately and carefully. It is important to consider holiday periods and important events on the territory of the United Arab Emirates e.g. Ramadan. The official language in the UAE is Arabic, but communication in English is just as good.

  • The creation of the Cold Email campaign starts with getting to know the client's business profile and its needs.
  • Then the target customer base is prepared, which includes all desired criteria and personalized content.
  • All the projects are 100% compliant with the GDPR.


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Sollux Lighting is a modern lighting manufacturer. Therefore, it wanted to reach out and establish cooperation with online shops selling lighting or interior furnishings. The area where the company wanted to gain leads was Germany, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, and Spain. To achieve our Client’s goal, we conducted the Cold Email campaign, thanks to which we gained valuable business contacts.

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