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Lead Generation in the Ukrainian market

How to reach Ukrainian B2B customers?

Learn how to effectively attract customers from Ukraine

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Specificity of the Ukrainian market

Knowing your audience helps you acquire customers effectively. Therefore, if you are interested in generating B2B leads from Ukraine, please keep on reading as useful information is to follow.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. Its economy relies mainly on the service sector (59.3%), followed by industry (26.3%) and agriculture (14.4%). It is characterised by a skilled workforce and low labour costs.

TOP 3 IMPORT GOODS: machinery, mineral products (petroleum and petroleum products), chemical products.

TOP 3 EXPORT GOODS: plant products, metal and metal products, mineral products.

Ukraine’s strongest sectors are:

IT. The most dynamic sector in the economy of this country which has become a world-wide centre for IT services. The position of Ukrainian IT companies on the global market is very strong, they are a powerful competitor for other businesses in this sector. Ukraine’s main advantage is high quality solutions at relatively lower costs compared to software producers in Europe and the USA. If you want to acquire IT customers, focus on the Lviv area, where you will find the largest number of companies in this sector.

SOLAR ENERGY. An industry that has great potential and is growing very fast. More and more industrial power plants are being built and interest in solar panels is growing among both B2C and B2B customers.

AGRICULTURE. Ukraine is one of the world’s leading grain producers. When acquiring customers in this sector, it is worth finding out what crops they focus on the most. These may be wheat, winter grains, spring wheat, rye, sugar beet, sunflower, soya and rapeseed. In addition to the crop itself, you can also focus on machinery and chemicals. Farmers of both small and larger farms are increasingly investing in new technological solutions.

Sectors worth your attention also include military equipment and transport.

B2B leads on the Ukrainian market

How to attract B2B customers on the Ukrainian market?

The strongest industries operating in Ukraine were presented above. In these sectors, as well as in many others, you can look for potential customers that match your target group. We have selected 7 industries that have the greatest potential for development in terms of foreign cooperation.

Cosmetics, drugstore and hygiene products, cleaning products: a fast-growing sector, both in traditional and online shops. Thanks to the free trade area agreement with the EU, exports of cosmetics from the EU are increasing.

Quality food products – mainly Polish products. Extensive labour migration has made Polish brands more recognisable and popular. Among Polish food products, the most popular in Ukraine are: cheeses, tinned food, pasta, pork and confectionery products.

Other sectors with high potential for foreign cooperation:

– Automotive.
– Electronics.
– Industrial construction.
– Chemical industry.
– Consumer goods.

When contacting potential customers from Ukraine, it’s worth keeping in mind that, although Ukrainian is the official language, Russian is also widely used in business contacts. In terms of finance, the national currency is the hryvnia, the only legal tender in the country. In business, however, it is common to use the equivalent of the amounts in dollars or euros.


Effective methods for acquiring B2B leads

We specialise in generating B2B leads. The methodology of our work is constructed in such a way as to know the needs of our clients and their recipients in each campaign we carry out applying the best sales practices. We reach a specific group of recipients, personalise messages and thus achieve high rates of positive responses. This means that we attract people interested in our client’s product/service.

If you are interested in generating B2B leads from Ukraine or another country, please feel free to contact us.


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