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Generating leads in Turkey

Acquiring business customers in Turkey

Learn how to effectively attract customers in Turkey

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Specific of generating B2B leads in Turkey

The Turkish market is open to technologies and to the European lifestyle. It has great growth potential and demand for modern machinery and mechanical equipment. We can take advantage of this by gaining B2B customers in this area through the implementation of Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaigns. Due to the needs and characteristics of the market, projects for manufacturers of metal and wooden products as well as machines and vehicles bring particularly great results. If the client wants to focus on specific regions, it is worth knowing that Turkey locates its industrial and business resources in northern cities such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Ankara, while tourism prevails in the southern part of the country.


Acquire B2B leads on the Turkish market

What is it worth knowing about acquiring business customers in Turkey?

English is not widely used in the Turkish market and therefore language barriers must be overcome by companies from other countries. Local owners and businesses find it hard to establish foreign business contacts. However, Instream Group offers a solution in the form of a Cold Email or LinkedIn Automation campaign conducted in Turkish.

  • Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns are based on an individual approach.
  • We have expertise in running projects in Turkey.
  • Over 500 satisfied customers.


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Dealavo offers systems for the analysis of prices in online shops and other online sales channels. Our cooperation was aimed at increasing sales in the company by means of Cold Email campaigns. Due to the nature of our business, we decided to acquire B2B leads from the electronics industry in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

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