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Acquire new customers in the Asian market

How to effectively generate leads in Hong Kong?

Find out how to effectively acquire customers in Hong Kong

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Specifics of the Hong Kong market and business customers

Hong Kong is definitely an attractive place for business. When sourcing for clients on the Asian market, consider targeting this region. Acquiring leads in Hong Kong can prove to be effective due to the nature of Hong Kong’s economy and unrivalled experience in business relations with China. Precisely for this reason, many companies choose to open a business in Hong Kong, using it as a channel to enter the Chinese market. Hong Kong also attracts many foreign investors for whom a stable and convertible currency (Hong Kong dollar) is a definite advantage.

B2B lead generation in Hong Kong – which sectors are worth looking at?

One of the world’s richest places can proudly boast very prosperous sectors, including venture capital, banking and finance, tourism, trade, shipping and logistics. Interestingly, Hong Kong enjoys the highest ratio of Rolls Royce cars per capita and the world’s largest fleet of double-decker trams. Not surprisingly, Hong Kong’s communications technology and infrastructure is of a high standard. Due to the nature of the area and its people, we can expect a high demand for automotive products and services. Definitely, acquiring business clients for companies in this sector will prove fruitful. The Hong Kong port also plays a significant role as it is one of the most active transhipment centres in the world.

TOP 3 exports: gold, broadcasting equipment, integrated circuits.
TOP 3 imports: integrated circuits, broadcasting equipment, office machine parts.

Exports are mainly to China, India, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Macau. Whereas imports are mainly from China, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Singapore and the United States

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How to win B2B customers in Hong Kong?

Lead capturing should always be preceded by a thorough analysis providing information on the potential customer. Apart from basic data defining the recipient’s profile, e.g. location, country, position, it is worth considering behavioural and cultural issues. By understanding the problems of the target group, we can reach and interest it more effectively by tailoring our activities to the recipient.

However, we should remember that every country has its own customs. Each culture has certain unique standards, and failure to adhere to these standards may have a negative impact on your business and on the effectiveness of your lead generation. What should you keep in mind when contacting clients in Hong Kong?

  • no VAT and many others, wages are regulated by labour supply and demand,
  • in Hong Kong we will encounter a rather authoritarian management system, therefore it is worth taking into consideration what the decision-making process will look like in this case (duration, way of communication, nature of cooperation)
  • the official language is Chinese and English (commonly used in business),
  • lack of western openness, boldness and directness in relations.


Learn proven ways to acquire customers

As InStream Group, we acquire B2B leads on a daily basis for both small businesses and multinational corporations. We have already carried out over 1000 lead generation campaigns, in over 40 markets worldwide. Our proven methods for effectively reaching customers are Cold Email campaigns and Linkedin Automation. The 5-step process we have built enables you to get high results quickly.

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Ailleron is a technology company offering IT outsourcing solutions and services for various industries and regions. When we started to work with Ailleron, we identified the industries and countries the company would like to focus on as part of the lead generation. The result is a personalized Cold Email campaign aimed at the Asian and European markets with country specifics. The selected industries that our client wanted to reach were financial, banking, and insurance. Target profile was supplemented with additional criteria such as position or size of the company. This was not the first, but already another successful campaign we carried out for Ailleron.

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