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Generate B2B leads in Germany

Learn how to effectively attract customers in Germany

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Meet the German market to generate valuable leads

Reaching new B2B customers in Germany is a goal for many entrepreneurs. It is an absorptive market, with high purchasing power. However, before starting to acquire customers on the German market, it is worth considering the goods imported by this country.

The top products imported by Germany are:

– Machinery including computers;
– Electrical machinery, equipment;
– Vehicles;
– Mineral fuels including oil;
– Pharmaceuticals;
– Plastics, plastic articles;
– Optical, technical, medical apparatus;
– Organic chemicals;
– Iron, steel;
– Articles of iron or steel.

We carry out numerous lead generation campaigns in Germany, especially for companies operating in the IT industry or for recruitment and development specialists. We also support our customers in finding customers in Germany interested in importing specific goods and services.


How to acquire leads on the German market?

We know very well the specifics of the German market. Numerous campaigns conducted in this country have allowed us to work out effective ways of doing things that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. Carefully developed cold emailing campaigns work well on the German market. LinkedIn Automation projects, especially those aimed at reaching the decision-makers, are an equally effective means of lead acquisition in this part of the world.

  • We start by precisely defining the profiles of the people we want to reach.
  • In cooperation with experienced copywriters we prepare content, also in German!
  • We align our campaigns with the requirements set out by the German law.


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We acquired B2B leads for Raben transport company by means of the Cold Mail campaign. The aim of our activities was to reach companies from previously selected industries and countries. An additional parameter of the receiving group was the position of a decision-maker in the company or someone responsible for the transport sector. The analysis of the client’s profile provided us with appropriate information to understand and meet the needs of Raben. As a result of the conducted lead generation activities, we received 20.5% positive responses.

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