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Acquire New Customers on the French Market

How to effectively generate B2B leads in France?

Learn how to effectively acquire customers in France

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Get to know the French market and start generating leads

When generating leads at InStream Group, one principle we always follow is: knowing your potential customer is the key to success. Therefore, if you want to enter the French market, it is worthwhile to first obtain information that will allow you to analyse the expansion potential as well as contribute to the effectiveness of your sales activities.

France is one of the world’s largest economic powers and most industrialised countries. It is characterised by a receptive market, attachment to domestic products, highly developed infrastructure, strong competition and good conditions for business environment development. The French market is perfect for international corporations, but also for technological start-ups, for which the legal and tax area provides a good ground.

Exporting to France is attractive for many companies. A definite advantage is the location of the country, i.e. the centre of developed Western Europe. Wood products and highly processed products are popular in terms of exports to France. On the other hand, pharmaceutical manufacturers are one of the fastest growing among the top 10 export categories. The main imported products are: machinery (including computers), vehicles and mineral fuels.

France is also a place of numerous foreign investments. The largest investors in France are: UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany as well as USA and UAE.


How to Successfully Acquire a B2B Customer in France?

An important aspect in capturing B2B leads is knowing the business culture prevailing in a particular country. In France, it is worth paying attention to:

– the language of communication – English is becoming more common, but French is still dominant in business. It is recommended to hire an interpreter if you do not know French.
– presentation of the offer – unlike in other markets where companies often focus on presenting a product or service at its best, in France it is recommended to present the offer in a factual manner, taking into account both strengths and weaknesses.
– working hours – the French work mainly from 8:00/9:00 am to 6:00 pm, while the lunch break lasts up to 2h, usually between 12:00 -2:00 pm. These are therefore the hours when contact is not recommended.
– the contract – if the contract does not specify whether VAT is included, it is assumed that this is a net price.
– fairs – attending fairs in France can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of the prevailing customs and culture.
– savoir vivre – it is essential, not only in France but in any other country, to know the basic rules of savoir vivre.

Therefore, it is the knowledge of the business culture, but also the knowledge of the market and the needs of potential customers that determines the effectiveness of lead generation in France. Recognising the importance of these elements, we take each of them into account in our lead generation campaigns.


Practical Aspects of B2B Customer Acquisition

As the InStream Group, we are a business partner for over 500 companies. We support the companies’ sales processes and capture B2B leads. Our lead generation campaigns are carried out using two methods: Cold Email and Linkedin Automation.

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