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Generating leads in Europe

Learn how to effectively attract customers in Europe

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The specificity of generating leads in European countries

The European market is multicultural and linguistically diverse. Therefore, the generation of B2B leads in this area requires appropriate preparation and adaptation to the conditions of the countries in which the campaign is to be conducted.

Acting in different parts of Europe, among others through the Cold Email campaign, we have singled out countries with high potential for these activities. Although the most popular choice of our customers is to target the richer countries of Europe, we have noticed the potential of smaller markets that could quickly become successful, e.g. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, often passes unnoticed.

We successfully carry out our campaigns in almost every European country.


Acquiring European customers

We have extensive experience in generating B2B leads in the European market. Despite the diversity of cultures and languages coexisting on the same continent, we are able to adjust our Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns to suit each of the targeted cultures. The key elements that guide us in the creation of European projects are well-thought-out action processes relating to the characteristics of specific countries.

  • Knowledge of the European market allows us to effectively create lead generation campaigns.
  • Our Copywriters create content in different languages.
  • We take into account legal requirements specific to each market.


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Evotec is a manufacturing company that creates covers for industrial robots. Our task was to support the client in reaching the companies interested in its offer. As part of the cooperation we prepared a Cold Mail campaign with the aim to obtain B2B leads. In order to guarantee the highest effectiveness, our team thoroughly analyzed Evotec’s target group and on this basis prepared a database of contacts including companies with specific PKD (Polish Classification of Activities) numbers. This allowed us to precisely reach the desired target group, achieve the set campaign results and thus successfully meet the client’s needs. As a result of the conducted activities, it was possible to effectively attract B2B customers.

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