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Generating leads in Austria

Learn how to effectively attract customers in Austria

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people with management jobs that you can reach in Austria

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companies operating in Austria


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Explore the Austrian market to generate valuable leads

Due to high wages, which are a factor influencing the employment of foreign specialists, the Austrian market is remarkably interesting for entrepreneurs. It is absorptive and characterized by the high purchasing power of the inhabitants as well as highly developed infrastructure. Austrian companies are willing to cooperate with IT firms, business software suppliers and others. Unfortunately, when operating in this area we must take into account the strong competition, but thanks to the appropriate actions within the B2B lead generation process we are able to reach specific people from Austria.


How to acquire leads on the Austrian market?

We specialize in creating tailor-made sales campaigns. The experience we had gained allowed us to get to know the Austrian market and work out the right processes to acquire customers. An important element during the creation of Cold Email and LinkedIn Automation campaigns is the form of communication. Therefore, when implementing projects in Austria, we prepare content in the official language, i.e. German. During our operations on the Austrian market, we have been able to see which of the sectors bring best results for each tactic i.e.: acquiring IT specialists in the body leasing model and acquiring customers interested in CRM, ERP, and other business systems.

  • We analyze the customer's needs and goals.
  • We create a target group according to the analysis criteria.
  • We reach selected targets with a personalized message.


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Ailleron is a technology company offering IT outsourcing solutions and services for various industries and regions. When we started to work with Ailleron, we identified the industries and countries the company would like to focus on as part of the lead generation. The result is a personalized Cold Email campaign aimed at the Asian and European markets with country specifics. The selected industries that our client wanted to reach were financial, banking, and insurance. Target profile was supplemented with additional criteria such as position or size of the company. This was not the first, but already another successful campaign we carried out for Ailleron.

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